womens sunglass

While classics never go out of style, there are also specific trends you may want to try out. Participating in sunglass trends is not just fashionable, but smart, as unlike with other fashion trends, you can don your shades all year long, without regard to the weather. If you’re unsureRead More →

oakley sunglasses

This summer, there have been trends that have been impossible to miss. Almost without realizing it, the streets were filled with original sunglasses with mirror effect. They are bold, versatile and appealing. They are also more difficult to combine, but if you’re a fashion addict, do not miss this greatRead More →

men glasses

We know that every fashion lover likes to go last in terms of clothes and accessories. And in supplements if there are some that stand out above the rest especially in the male section are the glasses, either sun or just view, eyewear market is constantly renewed to keep paceRead More →

ethnic style

The ethnic style flooded our closet last season, with a large number of Aztec-inspired clothes, African or Mexican. If you loved this trend, do not worry, because this year, the new collections back to echo this style so colorful. Geometric prints, fringe, beads and bright colors can be part ofRead More →

Gucci Museo

We get a first in the supplements section of one of the most internationally famous Italian firms. As you know, Gucci has a great influence on the fashion world; so much so that it has to its own museum, the Gucci Museo. As well, now, this season, has created aRead More →

wrap scarves

A new session of styling for more fashionable that you follow. The truth is that this weekend will be maintained and even climbing a little, the temperatures. But the degrees are already something low and more will do so. We have just entered in the middle of winter. So giveRead More →

oakley sunglasses

Oakley is the preferred brand of famous action films. This American company designs, manufactures and sells sunglasses that enjoy a very good reputation. But, why reason is a favorite of film? For a very simple reason: designs and the protection afforded by this brand is guaranteed 100%. The California CompanyRead More →


Hats, headbands, earmuffs, caps and berets … the world of accessories, this fall, focus on our head. There is no doubt that accessories are responsible for updating a look. Simply change the bag to win in elegance, go for practicality or wrapped achieve a very casual aura. If in summerRead More →