wedding headgear

The ideal complement for the wedding dress is and will be par excellence, the veil. For the significance, even today remains as elected along with the blanket, but it doesn’t have to be well and increasingly, the less traditional brides are flocking to choose the Headgear. There are different typesRead More →

stockings for bride

One of the important complements to every bride is the stockings. It is the final touch whatever the season of the year in which you marry an essential complement for many reasons, so it is a detail that needs to be selected with the care and dedication that it deserves.Read More →

Beach bags

Don’t bring the typical handbags that have always been. And not to mention the backpacks. To banish everything you have at home! And tab, in bazaar bags, these complements that it worth to save everything you need for the beach. Before leaving home you prepare all you’re going to useRead More →

bride fashion accessories

Talk about bride fashion accessories is to be specifying the final touch of our look. This is what will give personality to the dress, which will give us character to a garment. It is the final touch that we need to make our wedding dress a whole unique and perfect.Read More →

sunglasses 2012

Every summer there is an essential complement, and not for its functionality, but because it bring something different to our look: sunglasses. This year there are many models to choose from, some are obviously only in the ranking of the most desirable and others can keep using it because itsRead More →