ally to look thinner

A person may be thinner or thicker than it is, depending on the clothes you use. If you want thinner with just knowing how to choose your wardrobe and style look, you’ve come to the right place; we will give you tricks to achieve it. Clothes can make you lookRead More →

tricks to look thinner

Hide those extra kilos is not always easy, but it is very clear that the clothes we wear can accentuate them or make them go under the table depending on whether we choose the right clothes. Doing so is not easy, so we give you some clues you get itRead More →

Tips for Petite

We are lucky because the trends this spring are very diverse and can be adapted to taste and shape of any woman. In stores you can find clothes of ethnic inspiration, a review of the 70 more hippies, military court, a delicate navy or urban looks that ask to cryRead More →

new balance looks

A few years ago, we never would have thought to combine a look to go with some sports. Although Converse sneakers have been present in our life in a natural way, we have not incorporated them to those outfits that are more elegant, leaving or style lady. However, today itRead More →

tips for petite women

Many of us are petite, yes. We sometimes hard to find pants that have the perfect length, or skirts or dresses that are not go too long, finally! Things that only petite can understand … and we are not few! In fact the vast majority have an average height ofRead More →

save money on wedding

Planning a dream wedding is getting tough because of the financial difficulties attached to this event. While everyone tries to get more money from you, it is imperative that you take a look at this infographic so that you can save a lot of money on that special day inRead More →

look effortlessly chic

Nobody wants to look as if they’ve tried too hard; even if we have! We all try hard to look nice, but if it shows we can end up looking desperate or over the top. These top tips are some of my favorite for getting that effortlessly chic vibe. GoRead More →