Fashion Tips

What ‘jeans’ you favor most?

jeans that suit

We all have our favorite jeans in the closet. Those jeans that we bought a few years ago and we favor its texture, especially its tissue, its stylized form, makes us thinner or otherwise highlight our curves, hides our flaws and brings out our strengths and the beauty of our body. However, it happens many times that, inevitably, those jeans ...

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The Best Breast Forms

breast forms

Most men are aware of breast forms. In this era of beauty and fashion, silicone breast forms are a great way to get real size. Both men and women are, at this very moment, using silicone breasts in various countries of the world. What are the main characteristics of the silicone breast form? First, they look like original and natural ...

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Tips when using leggings

using leggings

The leggings are versatile garments that have solved the lives of more than one, but we have to follow certain recommendations that may help some embarrassment to be passed or criticism is not very pleasant. It is a garment that is used in all parts of the world, but despite being so comfortable and seemingly “simple” to display, you must ...

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Tips to match clothes properly

match clothes properly

Many times we face our closets thinking “I have nothing”, “I need clothes,” or simply “I do not know what to wear”, in these situations is very important to think that a garment itself is not the most important, most important is as combined, is that if you look at the magazines usually think “go well dressed” but if we ...

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How to dress according to the color of your hair

dress according to hair color

Have you ever noticed if your look sticks with your hair color? In the same way that you choose clothes that enhance your chest or that conceal your hips, very few people who give importance to hair color when they decide to choose their style. The best way to highlight a pretty face is to combine outfits with hair color ...

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Tips for correctly using the animal print

using animal print

The animal print arrived a while ago to adorn the walkways and streets around the world, but there are still many girls who do not know the secret to use it correctly and lose simple mistakes like that. It is a very strong trend some time ago and still continues to be used with great force either zebras, tigers, leopards ...

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Dress yourself in style at your work!

style at work

Many women make do tend to go out at night or the weekend, but forget that leaving to work also we should look good. Look delicate, comfortable and beautiful is also important when working. But being well dressed and feel comfortable depends on many factors, its will determine the attire you choose for your day. Here we shares with you ...

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Tips to look splendid and hide the extra kilos

look splendid

The beauty is beyond kilos more a matter of attitude, which does not fit the complex, so to get right, and conquer everything we want, without guilt. Here we leave some advice that can be very useful. If you feel your body has a tiny waist, it is best to use wide belts and if you possess some extra kilos ...

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Printed Fabrics: Pros and cons

printed fabrics

Be careful when you choose printed fabrics! There are several things you should consider. Choose the fabric, color and style right for you is the key. Balance your look! Follow these tips and you will look wonderful with your prints at any time of year. Do you dare? Here are some tips: If your blouse or shirt is printed, use ...

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