glasses or lenses

Those who have myopia or hyperopia surely you have more than once raised the same issue. Is it better to wear glasses or contact lenses? It all depends on your taste, how you’re going to feel more comfortable and do you think it enhances your attractiveness. We have drawn upRead More →

peplum dress

Appeared in The summer and this winter is reluctant to disappear. The peplum has become one of the IT of the season, yet who supports this flyer at the waist? We left doubts. Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Giambattista Valli bet on the peplum and presented, each in their own styleRead More →

colored jeans

The most common but still most easy and enjoyable in most of the closet is jeans. In today‚Äôs fashion world, the pair of jeans is entitled as one of the satisfying and cozy lower outfit for every kind of people. Different people wear different categorized jeans allowing their comfort zone.Read More →

long skirts

Long skirts are a trend, but it’s one of those quirks of fashion that attract us the one hand, but on the other repelled because we often do not know how to use or combine and end up relegated to the bottom of our wardrobe. Well, here are a fewRead More →

fabric handbags

There are two essential things you can not miss ever with accessories: a bag and a wallet. As we are in times when it is better to save some money whenever we can, in this article we teach you to make your own portfolio of fabric so you don’t haveRead More →

nail art

Our nails have become very important in recent months with nail art. Everywhere we see bright colors, designs and patterns on the hands of countless women. The Olympics are still a great escape from the range of possibilities when we decorate our fingernails but it’s just fashion or is thereRead More →

Crochet Vest

Have you bought a vest and do not know how to put it? Attentive to the multiple combinations for this summer. Crochet vest, apparently somewhat hippie, you can become the most chic if you know combined. So then let’s keep awake different ways of wearing a vest of these characteristicsRead More →

effect of loop

You could not resist the romance of the loop. This detail in XXL version, fabric, plain or printed, inlaid… captures the spotlight this summer sneaking into any garment or accessory to complement your wardrobe. That if you increase the breasts, that if reducing belly, that if camouflage those flab thatRead More →