Fashion Trends

Velvet: Winter Trend

fashion with Velvet

Winter has arrived, and our closets fabric dress that shelter us but that does not make us lose glamor. Within these tissues is velvet. Velvet is the new trend this winter: dresses, blazers, skirts, jackets, coats, accessories,… all clothes are velvet surrender. Not to wear muted colors, not too dark, but that velvet has come this season to make an ...

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Trends: leather skirt

leather skirt

Leather skirts are part of those trends that we saw last season timidly, but that only dared the more fashionable. If you do not have yours, know that this piece will be a staple this fall. It is very feminine, sensual, and why not, warrior and daring. Do not worry if you are the type who prefers lady style, because ...

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Trends: Punk style that reaches

punk style

If there is a trend that has come strongly for fall-winter 2013-2014, is the punk style. If you remember the not-so-distant 90 years, you’ll find many reminiscences, in ripped jeans, plaid shirts at the waist or Dickies. But all this is renewed, with hints of more punk, glam and contrasting details and soften the tendency for not excessive. If you ...

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The grill teeth of the famous

grill teeth

We hope and wish that this new trend that has already begun to shine some famous bring a grill on their teeth becomes fashionable not horror! Surely you’ve seen more than one famous case a kind of fashion in the teeth. Well, it is known as grill and everything points to what is becoming a buzzword by the amount of ...

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The versatility of ethnic jacket

ethnic jacket

The ethnic trend takes several seasons as the protagonist and reflected in all kinds of clothing and accessories. This great success is due to its versatility, as there are inspirations as varied as the Aztec culture to the African. In addition, in this kind of prints, it is possible to many combinations of colors, elements and shapes. In the collections ...

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The white shirt!

white shirt

The white shirt has always been a must for any good look. In its modalities for the day or night, in its most casual or more sophisticated. The truth is that it is one of the items that never fails, a safety pin to all. And, who does not have one? And how do you carry? With jeans, shorts in ...

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Trendsetters looks: Renewed Greek style!

greek look

Attention all romantic and sweet girls this spring and summer because imposing a feminine cut and ultra feminine seductive: the Greek look. This season let yourself be enveloped the dressed more steamy and lightweight but with a new variant. Want to find out which one it is? Well read on and take note of all the details to look like ...

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Fashion Trends: Join in the flyers this season

frilly dresses

Never before had gotten a garment exalt the female body with such delicacy and sobriety. This season, the classic steering wheel returns to depress deposit in the world of fashion garments offering extremely feminine and certain folk airs. Be dazzled by this trend willing to walk our silhouette and enhance the power of the curves. Exaggerated but delicate, this is ...

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Styling Tricks: the effect of the stripes


The stamped sailor is one of the great classics of summer. However, this season the streaks are updated and produce many effects in our silhouette: does all flattering? When we speak of the striped pattern all we seem to have things clear. Horizontal stripes widen and the verticals stylize. But there are more factors that come into play and that ...

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Striped Trend: The tandem more vertical black & white!

striped trend

That the white color is a basic summer is nothing new, that the streaks always return in the spring either, and the black & white is a current trend is well known to all fashion followers. However, this year, the big firms have sought a new twist in their collections, and have reversed the direction of the stripes, making them ...

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