pajama party

Take off the heat from above with the softer tissues and creates silhouettes XXL with the trend more party, the pajamas. There’s still time to use this trend as summer. Forget about tight clothing to make way for the silky fabrics, smoother and softer. Discover spring trend. Here we tellRead More →


For this summer season, acquires full ownership the bikini that has become the perfect bathing garment to bring out our best charms. The swimwear is loaded with fashion trends. The one is triumphing among the celebrities who show their bodies to the sun, these are the smooth bikinis. We foundRead More →

green mint

Fashion is going through a time of change. From this we are all aware. Now bring back the natural, proper, without tinkering with few accessories. Now is the natural fashion. Spring is here. Perhaps the time will not be with us quite yet but it looks like the green mintRead More →

long skirts

Long skirts have become a “boom” of summer fashion. Stylized figure and lengthen the legs. Fashion trends surrender to the pleated skirts or transparent. Both draw a hyperfeminine silhouette and can wear in fashion colors of the season. It is the most desired and that clings to the body andRead More →


This style of clothing is very special for women, in some countries are known as shorts and other names. The truth is that nowadays are being created by the designers of the world. Today we present you this new idea of special clothing for women: shorts, combined with different designsRead More →

casual dress

The casual dress is probably one of the most difficult choices for the simple fact that has to be balance in style: not as formal and evening dresses, or as sporty as to cause an impression of little interest or as festive as a cocktail dress. So in this articleRead More →


Would you like to walk so comfortable that it seems that you’re wearing slippers to walk in house? Aware of this trend because slippers make your dreams come true. Originally used by the British aristocracy to walk home, the slippers are the new fashion shoe. An ideal footwear to combineRead More →

Black Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dresses are the perfect choice for special occasions where we dressed in formal and informal dresses. The cocktail dress is beautiful and sexy style and can be found in a variety of pretty colors like red, white, blue, black and many more. Here we are going to talkRead More →