Fashion Trends

Styling Tips: How to enhance a small chest

necklines dress

We all love those low necklines, those dresses that require not using bra and bare back. Although many have tried why not get wear this type of clothes without complexes? You’ve tried everything, whether fasteners that are tied as well or like, that if the famous stickers that supposedly highlighted, dare to put the bikini top and experiment with the ...

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Denim skirt: 3 perfect combinations!

denim skirt

Christian Dior introduced in the 40’s the pencil skirt, and since then, is the female wardrobe, one of the hottest items for women. Tied to the body is an expert in enhancing the curves of any shape. This part reserved to office look, reinventing itself to become an excellent garment for wear by day, late at night with varying degrees ...

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The male gets into our closet

boyfriend trend

The boyfriend trend is gradually introduced to our styling. First it was the wide jeans, but its great success among the famous has done that expand to other garments. Now or supplements are fought. The temptation to take borrow the clothes of our boyfriend has always been there and we could have given ourselves the pleasure of taking it when ...

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