Hair Lore: Fact or Fiction?

Hair Lore

With all the hair remedies floating around, it can be difficult to decipher truth from fantasy. Should you soak your hair in milk and eggs and use beer as a conditioner? What is the real story about oils? You may have heard that they can make your hair stronger, longer, and shinier, but how do you know? If you have ...

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How to clean up your hair in spring

clean up your hair

With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, there are many aspects in beauty and routines that we must consider. From everything that concerns the health of our skin, through the products we buy every year at this time in a matter of cosmetics, even what it has to do with what surrounds to our hair. In this season and ...

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How to make curly hair look natural

naturally curly hair

Women who carry a naturally curly hair, you know that is very nice, but unlike straight hair, it require some special care, because it’s dry out more easily, and quickly the hair loses its naturalness and smoothness. This peculiarity is due to its spiral shape, which somehow increases the protective cuticle is scaly, causing it to become more permeable, easy ...

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How to comb the bangs on the beach

comb bangs

You love your bangs but when going to the beach, you know well, which is nuisance if you’re not the lucky ones to which they have left straight after leaving the water. Keep attentive to our styling suggestions. Since the trend of cutting the bangs was imposed, join it immediately. And is that the front cover is one of the ...

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The perfect bangs for curly hair

curly hair bangs

Banish the idea that has been associated for long curly hair that does not favor a fringe. We reveal the perfect haircut for your hair type. Since the bang broke with force and was established as one of the major hair trends, you have not stopped thinking about how to combine your bangs with curly hair. Each time you make ...

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Preppy Ponytail: The ponytail more polished!

preppy ponytail

With the arrival of the summer, the ponytails are high and uninhabited to add a note of freshness to our look. However, if there is a ponytail that never goes out of fashion whatever the time of the year in which we find ourselves, this is the classic polished ponytail. Attentive, because the preppy hairstyle is going more strong. Are ...

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Office hairstyles: Sweeps at work!

office hairstyles

Every morning the same ordeal: what do I do with my hair? Easy and fast, then show you three simple hairstyles for which you can bet to go to work every day. Follow our advice, and office premiere hair! Low Ponytail The ponytails are more fashionable than ever this season. Ideal for the coming time, help us get a cool ...

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Change hair color: What you should know!

change hair color

We know the wonders that a change of look can work, especially when it comes to choosing another tone for our hair. But to do it right, we must know some tricks. We can blindly trust our hairdresser or be a hair dyed a million times before, but none of us is free to mess up when it comes to ...

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The most influential haircuts of Hollywood

influential haircuts

If you are thinking about change of look and cut your hair, be inspired by the most influential hairstyles of the films. The past always comes back. The blonde Marilyn Monroe, carding of Brigitte Bardot, Rita Hayworth waves … have become, decades later imitated by our celebrities hairstyles. Fictional characters have set the trend as Jennifer Aniston in the role ...

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3 Tips for Transforming Your Curly Hair Into Straight Hair Easily

curly into straight hair

Because straight hairstyles are so popular, many women struggle every day with ways to get their hair to straighten out properly, especially if they have thick, curly hair that tends to frizz easily. Though there are a variety of methods that you can use to straighten your lovely locks, not all of them may actually be effective on your unique ...

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