laser hair removal

If you are tired of shaving, waxing, or epilating your body hairs on a regular basis, then you might be considering undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, which will permanently reduce your hair regrowth and leave you with silkier, smoother skin for a longer period. Laser hair removal can beRead More →

choose perfect bag

Do you know which bag is right for your type of silhouette? The shape, color and size are the three most important things to buy a personalized fashion bag. Next we explain everything to you, since the choice of the bag will also depend on the use that will beRead More →

dress without wearing bra

A good occasion to leave without support is when we go to a party. There are a lot of dresses that look much better if we wear them without a bra. But it certainly is not good to do it to go to the office, as it may generate anRead More →

choose right bra

Take care of the intimate fashion is just as important as paying attention to the outer clothing. In fact, the lingerie says a lot about ourselves: if we are flirty, sexy, lovers of comfort … But often, when we acquired underwear, especially as it relates to fasteners, pay much attentionRead More →