pearls in fashion

The pearls are a stylish addition, but have always been linked to a classic style, almost elderly. However, we are fortunate that fashion comes and goes, and makes any garment or accessory into something trendy and fashionable. Now pearls have also become a supplement to be taken, and can beRead More →

gift jewelry

Gift jewelry can be a tricky thing. What if she doesn’t like the color? What if she never wears pearls? Worst of all, what if you buy pierced earrings when she secretly uses clip-ons? The demands of gift jewelry are definitely great, but don’t worry, there’s still hope. If you’reRead More →

types of pearls

Pearls are one of the most popular types of jewelry there is. Numerous places sell pearls rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Many of those places also offer you the opportunity to purchase pearls online. No matter where you decide to purchase your pearls at, it is essential that youRead More →

summer necklaces

Summer is approaching and the shops are full of interesting things, but mostly much colored. It is a change and wants to do in the closet, so what necklaces you’ll want to wear this summer, and get ready, because they will never go unnoticed. The ethnic necklaces are still favorites.Read More →

xxl necklace

In a matter of fashion, much of the success of a look is precisely what complements the style in question. That is, the fact that we hit the correct with outfit and we draw attention, and let’s manages to be perfect often it does not have to see with theRead More →

pearls for outfit

It’s no secret that pearls are a timeless classic, so when searching for the perfect accessory to wear with that special outfit, picking pearl jewelry can be a no-brainer. However, with so many options, colors, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which pearls would goRead More →

pearl bracelet

When it comes to finding a wonderful gift to give that special lady in your life there is nothing quite like the gift of pearl jewelry. Pearls are universally loved by women of all ages and backgrounds. Jewelry made from cultured and freshwater pearls are instantly recognized to be classyRead More →

moissanite jewelry

When it comes to precious stones, every year has it trends. So what’s hot on the market for 2014? Here are just a few jewels that will turn heads and open pocketbooks in the upcoming season. Tahitian Pearls Unlike Akoya pearls, which are the small and cream-colored variety that weRead More →

stylish wedding rings

Each wedding is a unique and special occasion. Couples can create the unique rings of their dreams with countless combinations of precious metals, diamonds and other gemstones. Round and square diamonds are still popular shapes for most brides. However, colored stones, halo settings and vintage art deco designs are givingRead More →

lili diamonds

Lilli diamonds are renowned world leaders in manufacturing straight edged diamonds. They have numerous registered global patents. Lilli diamonds produce traditionally cut and patent cut single diamonds. Its headquarters is in Israel and they have branches in New York and Hong Kong. Crisscut cushion diamonds are formed with an elegantRead More →