moissanite jewelry

When it comes to precious stones, every year has it trends. So what’s hot on the market for 2014? Here are just a few jewels that will turn heads and open pocketbooks in the upcoming season. Tahitian Pearls Unlike Akoya pearls, which are the small and cream-colored variety that weRead More →

stylish wedding rings

Each wedding is a unique and special occasion. Couples can create the unique rings of their dreams with countless combinations of precious metals, diamonds and other gemstones. Round and square diamonds are still popular shapes for most brides. However, colored stones, halo settings and vintage art deco designs are givingRead More →

lili diamonds

Lilli diamonds are renowned world leaders in manufacturing straight edged diamonds. They have numerous registered global patents. Lilli diamonds produce traditionally cut and patent cut single diamonds. Its headquarters is in Israel and they have branches in New York and Hong Kong. Crisscut cushion diamonds are formed with an elegantRead More →

diamond engagement rings

Nearly everyone has suffered in some form from the present economy. Despite reports that things are on the rise, relatively, it’s prudent to be cautious as we could experience a lull in the near future. This can be problematic for those getting engaged and planning a wedding. Several couples haveRead More →

gift jewelry

Women loved to pampered, and jewellery is one gift that is sure to win them over. Whether you are buying the jewellery or making it yourself, it is important that you make the effort to figure out what style she would want. There is no point going to the effortRead More →

body jewelry

Jewelry is one of the products of human civilization; jewelry is made as personal adornment that is intended to make someone looks more appealing. There are several common jewelries like ring and bracelet that are very well known as personal adornment. On the other hand; there are cultures that createdRead More →

artisan earrings

The gold and silver are not the only materials that can make earrings. Now, many people use unusual materials. When you visit remote communities in the city, or remote villages, people who live there also perform their own manufacturing jobs to get money. So, if ever earrings made from seeds,Read More →