Waste Not, Want Not

diamond engagement rings

Nearly everyone has suffered in some form from the present economy. Despite reports that things are on the rise, relatively, it’s prudent to be cautious as we could experience a lull in the near future. This can be problematic for those getting engaged and planning a wedding. Several couples have opted for low-key wedding celebrations and more cost-effective ways to ...

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The summer maxi necklaces: Styling tricks to choose them!

summer maxi necklaces

The necklaces are the indisputable bonuses in the summer season. The bigger and more colorful are the better. The accessories we are thrown into the neck this summer and is that the bibs, chokers and XXL versions necklaces seize us. The volume and color are essential features of these accessories perfect for putting the finishing touch to a certain look. ...

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Best Plus Size Bracelets for a Romantic Night Out

plus size bracelet

A regular date night can help you to keep the spark alive in your relationship. It’s an opportunity to look your very best so you can remind one another of what attracted you to each other in the first place. It will put you in a romantic mood and set the tone for the evening. When you are putting together ...

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Jewellery as a gift

gift jewelry

Women loved to pampered, and jewellery is one gift that is sure to win them over. Whether you are buying the jewellery or making it yourself, it is important that you make the effort to figure out what style she would want. There is no point going to the effort of making a ring for your girlfriend if she is ...

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Get a Body Jewelry that Suits Your Style

body jewelry

Jewelry is one of the products of human civilization; jewelry is made as personal adornment that is intended to make someone looks more appealing. There are several common jewelries like ring and bracelet that are very well known as personal adornment. On the other hand; there are cultures that created other forms and creation of jewelries as well as the ...

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Artisan Earrings: Earrings made by hand

artisan earrings

The gold and silver are not the only materials that can make earrings. Now, many people use unusual materials. When you visit remote communities in the city, or remote villages, people who live there also perform their own manufacturing jobs to get money. So, if ever earrings made from seeds, or tissues using fiber that are extracted from the trees, ...

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Engagement Rings: Tips for choosing a romantic surprise

engagement rings

Today we will talk about a very important issue when it comes to marriage. We refer to the romantic surprise marriage proposal that symbolizes the commitment ring. If you are a person who thinks commit, you must read this little guide we have prepared for the couple. The first thing to know is how to choose a ring. In addition ...

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Silver Jewelry Design

silver jewelry

In recent times, with the crisis, the value of the precious metals, i.e., gold and silver, has grown like wildfire. In many cases there who has believed that silver was for those who could not afford jewelry of gold and diamonds, but it is not like that a good piece of silver is not cheap, its design can be very ...

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A Short Informative Guide About Wedding Rings

wedding rings

A ring is basically a type of ornamental jewelry that is worn around the finger. This piece of jewelry is not only worn for personal adornment or as a fashion accessory, but also helps covey a deep symbolic meaning. Wearing a ring on your finger could either communicate your marital status or your commitment to your high school or may ...

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Fashion Trends: The return of crosses!


The crosses have become an icon already extolled back in the 90’s a very young musician Madonna. And again this year returns everything all of the era, from the shirts above the navel to the pants by the waist and, of course, jewelry and jewelry in large measures, though, with many crosses. Do not miss it. In the jewelry that ...

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