silver jewelry

In recent times, with the crisis, the value of the precious metals, i.e., gold and silver, has grown like wildfire. In many cases there who has believed that silver was for those who could not afford jewelry of gold and diamonds, but it is not like that a good pieceRead More →

wedding rings

A ring is basically a type of ornamental jewelry that is worn around the finger. This piece of jewelry is not only worn for personal adornment or as a fashion accessory, but also helps covey a deep symbolic meaning. Wearing a ring on your finger could either communicate your maritalRead More →

Baroque Jewelry

This season accessories are as much to adorn all your looks. And, guess what the best supplements you can include in all your outfits … Jewelry, or costume jewelry. Baroque motifs, skulls, owls, swallows … Indeed, the bigger, bolder and more surreal the better. And is that the jewelry hasRead More →


One of the most valuable gems in jewelry is the aquamarine. Like the emerald, belongs to the family of beryl. Its name comes from its deep blue color that resembles the sea water. The aquamarine symbolizes hope and is the stone for the month of March. It is also theRead More →

jewelery for occasions

It is inevitable, but when we attend a special event not only we try to look splendid, but that in addition to attire, we focus also in the use of the most appropriate accessories, and in them the jewels have a very important role. Much looks bad, little or nothingRead More →