apply foundation

If there is a product of makeup that we use every day of the year, whatever the occasion and regardless where we are going to run, that’s the foundation. Choosing the best foundation for our skin is what will make us feel safe when our makeup and we can beRead More →

changing eyelashes

Changing your eyelashes is one of the most popular ways to enhance your appearance in the eye area. If you have a vibrant eye color, you can use lashes to bring attention to your eyes and make them more noticeable. You can also use fun and funky lashes to makeRead More →

brown face makeup

Soon we will get to the sun, as many of us wish to have a tanned complexion during the summer. However, many of you already have a tan skin tone, which has its advantages when it comes to makeup. Yes, we must always keep in mind our skin tone toRead More →

apply lipstick correctly

It is an undeniable fact: get a lipstick makes us feel better with ourselves, and when we applied correctly, the image of our face changes greatly. Regardless of the tone that we choose, the very fact makes this cosmetic acquire personal safety is our dearest friend. If we are thinkingRead More →

brown eyes makeup

If there is something clear in the universe of beauty and makeup, is that it depends on different factors and our face, we can get one or another image. In this case, as we have done in the past, since we give you a set of guidelines that make upRead More →

blush last longer

One of the key impressions we have when buying makeup is that the product in question lasts as long as possible. Not having to touch us every ten minutes, which hold without fear sweats or long hours is something that concerns us all. However, not all elements of beauty thatRead More →

nude makeup

The nude makeup is a fabulous idea for the day. The main reason is that it has a very natural effect that also tends to be simple and fast. What you want to achieve fundamentally with this type of natural makeup, is unifying the complexion and give a fresh lookRead More →

choose perfect lipstick

Choosing the perfect color and presentation is essential to spice up our face and makeup look that reflects our personality. We give you some tips to make it. The market is full of options, and often not easy to choose the perfect lipstick among many alternatives. However without some knowledgeRead More →