Using Airbrush For Makeup

airbrush for makeup

The natural urge to adorn the human body has been with us for millennia. In ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs and Maya all used jewelry and various kinds of adornments to make themselves more beautiful. In India, henna has been used to paint beautiful designs on the human body for centuries. These days, extreme adornment is popular, such as ...

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Fall colors on your nails

fall colors

In the fall we changed our clothes and tones that we, according to new trends. For our manicure it was not going to be different, from what with the new station, we must also renew our glazes. Fall colors on our nails speak of new trends and textures, with so much variety that we will not know where to stay. ...

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Tricks for eyes makeup according to your eye shape

eye shape

Small, bulging, sagging, separated … to correct the shape of your eyes and get the most out of your eyes, take note of the best tricks of the make up artists. Eyeliner and shadow become your best allies to brag about this season’s eyes. Are you ready to start? Open eyes If you’ve always wanted to have bigger eyes, it ...

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Tips for makeup against heat

makeup against heat

We love, but the arrival of heat can make our usual makeup disappear in seconds. We give you the tricks to that high temperature are not enemies of your look. We know that when summer coming out to take a shower immediately we are sweating again. And under these circumstances it is clear to dress up and makeovers can become ...

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Makeup: Conceals a tired face

conceals tired face

Stress, lack of sleep, the backlog of work … all this takes its toll on our face causing dark circles, imperfections and dull complexion. Luckily, we have the perfect tools to help hide and brand new face in the morning. Are you ready to show off your best side? Use compact makeup and opaque does not guarantee that all our ...

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Eyes vs Lips: what do you prefer highlighting?

eyes vs lips

The make up artists are clear: gone are the extra-exaggerated makeup and loaded. This season will have to decide between highlight colorful eyes or sensual mouth and juicy. Then you discover the best makeup tricks to get help you enhance your features naturally. Turn up your look To make your look undisputed star of your makeup, there is nothing better ...

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Butterfly effect in eye

butterfly effect

The warm weather has arrived and with it new makeup trends. Here we reveal all the tricks to fill your eyes with the explosion of butterfly color and get a look risky and shocking. To achieve this makeup so striking hand need to have shadows in bright, cheerful colors, as an intense electric blue, green high or bold citrus tone. ...

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Lifting effect: How makeup to get a firmer face!

How makeup to get a firmer face

Over age, getting a firmer and smoother face becomes an increasingly difficult task. Besides achieving reaffirms your skin with the help of effective cosmetics, there is a solution to get an immediate lifting effect: makeup. Follow these simple tips and boasts a younger face. As we grow older, besides losing density, our face loses its usual tone. To restore the ...

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Makeup Trends: Look Brown

look brown

In makeup, all colors are endless possibilities. And among them, there is one that is flattering both winter and summer. We refer to brown, a tone that can not miss in your makeup palette. Do you want to know all the keys to show a Brown Look easy and fast? Here we give you the keys. The first thing is ...

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Trends in nail colors of the season!

nail colors trends

The warm weather is already looming and with it the new pastels by large firms that choose to wager this year. Not only fashion is full of bright and soft colors, the makeup, too. This season will bathe your nail enamels in watercolor shades, pink and nude. Here are all the keys to boast of hands. From the famous purple ...

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