How makeup fluorine; Find the fury of color!

makeup fluorine

Pay attention and follow these simple steps to achieve a natural makeup tones inspired by the season. Started! As always, before starting our makeup, moisturizes the skin with daily cream either equal continuation with a light foundation. If you have dawned with the face fatigued notes and traces of fatigue (bags, dark circles …), first apply a concealer. Erase imperfections!

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Striking makeup: How to get the purple look!

purple look

The purple colors are an infinite source of possibilities in makeup: according to how apply them you can achieve a more consistent look for the day or a fully glamorous look ideal for the night. For this reason, we show you how easy it is use these tones to achieve a striking makeup. Creates the basis The key so that ...

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How eye makeup; find your color!

right shade

Fortunately, we have a very extensive color palette with which beautify our eyes. Faith of this gives the infinite options that we offer all the firms, and are renewed each year to better suit the new trends. But to find the right shade for you not question of choosing to finger the one that more you like. In fact, it’s ...

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Perfect finish: Makeup for smooth skin!

Makeup for smooth skin

We all like to look glowing and achieve outstanding makeup. That’s why, next, we discover you a compilation of the tricks that the best make-up artists use. Pay attention and become a professional makeup. Makeup If your skin is beginning to notice the first expression lines, using a bottom-up in fluid texture will be more natural effect. If on the ...

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Lip Gloss: Brightness to highlight your lips

lip gloss

Every woman should have between aesthetic accessories that always carry in her wallet at least what comes to be a Lip Gloss bar, which can also be recognized by anyone as a lip gloss. Do not get confused with what is the use of rouge lipstick type, playing a different role within the feminine aesthetic and even maybe something complementary ...

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False eyelashes: Learn to place it!

false eyelashes

Do you want to have rich and long eyelashes that enhance your look? Today we explain how to put false eyelashes so that it is perfect and look natural. The first few times will cost you a bit, but quiet because it is a matter of practice. We recommend that the first time you buy several pairs, because surely some ...

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7 Tips to apply Liquid Eyeliner

apply liquid eyeliner

Today we bring you some tips to avoid having more trouble apply liquid eyeliner. Read on to find out… Particularly we make up every day and within the makeup accustomed use liquid eyeliner. It is not easy to apply it, many times the lines are crooked, or very thick; but don’t worry about that with these tips you will be ...

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Makeup and Fashion, They go hand in hand

Makeup and Fashion

When people think of fashion they usually think of runways, supermodels, or even clothes but not very often do people think of makeup. When in fact makeup is one of fashion’s main accessories, whether it’s on the runway or in a women’s everyday life. Makeup such as the color of the lip stick or nail polish can help match the ...

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The color invades your eyes

color invades your eyes

When make-up, eyes become our best allies in order to become the center of attention. Do not just apply yourself without the shade of color on the eyelids. Read on and discover the many possibilities of making up our eyes. Look carefully and you do not miss anything! Eyes marked with shadows It is one of the forms more in ...

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Makeup Trends: The Neoclassical look

neoclassical look

Giorgio Armani proposes a surprisingly sophisticated makeup. A reinvention and renewal of the black color star of this trend. A set of bright tones and illuminated that fall in harmony, giving special emphasis to the gaze. Discover how to get the neoclassical look in your makeup. You know that the masculine style will make a splash this season. But that ...

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