Makeup Trends: The sea in your eyes!

summer makeup

The trend of the summer … What’s better than the seawater is reflected in your eyes? Stir in blue on your face and give plenty of light and energy to your look with color most famous of the summer. Read on for this trend! Make up the colors are vivid, the colors are fluorine, take the pastel colors … If ...

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Neon Makeup

neon makeup

Intense lips, fancy looks, full color nails. The neon, fluorescent or luminous palette not only saw, also stain your face. Do you accept the challenge? This summer, no doubt, that color is one of the real stars. Shirts that dazzle, pants that do not allow us to happen unnoticed, and now, nails that become authentic accessories of fashion or lips ...

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Summer makeup in paste tones

makeup in paste tones

For the summer, the makeup is full of contrasts, colors: pink, blue, green, violet and change your tone is turned off while maintaining your appearance more sweet and romantic. Extra pink lips, super compact shades and very marked cheeks. It is the keys to achieve this childlike appearance, babydoll that the summer makeup in pastries tones offers us.

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