Fashion Trends: Fans of colored jeans!

colored jeans

Surely you’ve seen it on the street! And in the stores and fashion addicts become crazy about the latest fashion: the colored jeans! We discover on how to matching it on your styling… Jeans have always been a staple in any wardrobe. But now take a step further. Now we are total fans of colored jeans. And mixed with pastel ...

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Fashion Trends: The pants pattern

pants pattern

In the pyramid of trends could name many of the must can not forget to wear this season. And the pants pattern might be high up in the top … We present one of the trends in the summer! The pants pattern is one of the trends carried over for this summer. It is one of the most popular of ...

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Fashion Trend: Pajama Party!

pajama party

Take off the heat from above with the softer tissues and creates silhouettes XXL with the trend more party, the pajamas. There’s still time to use this trend as summer. Forget about tight clothing to make way for the silky fabrics, smoother and softer. Discover spring trend. Here we tell you what the Pajama Party. The fashion pajama is somewhat ...

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