Boat Shoes: A New Take on the Classic Loafer

boat shoes

One of the hottest trends this season for men, women and children is the boat shoe. A cross between a classic loafer and a traditional moccasin, a boat shoe lends a nautical vibe to any casual or preppy outfit. Due to their increasing popularity, the boat shoe can be found in a variety of materials and colors to suit every ...

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The ‘Lace Up sandals’, controlled!

lace up sandals

The term lace up sandals refer to the sandals with laces that have become a growing trend among bloggers and fashion followers. They are elegant but with a casual twist while, so you’ll have to adapt to all kinds of looks. These sandals with laces or straps were already seen in the previous season, for example in the Tom Ford ...

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Benefits of Sneakers: Best sneakers for men & women

pair of sneakers

Sneakers have been one of the most popular types of shoes for years, and they remain to be one of the most popular types today. People use them in sporting events as well as for style and fashion purposes. Others simply enjoy them because they’re comfortable. Sneakers are offered by a variety of big name brands as well, such as ...

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Star Turn: YSL Tribute Sandals

YSL Tribute Sandals

If there are something unique fashion brands and trends, its particularity is to make special one piece within their arsenal of clothing or accessories in a collection. This means that there is always something else that has to do with a line, whether clothes, ornaments or shoes that strikes us more than others for their sentimental value, material or simply ...

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Metallic Shoes

metallic shoes

Shoes are an excellent supplement to any woman’s wardrobe, from vertiginous heels, to the most comfortable sandals in the world, each of our shoes says something about us and our mood oddly enough. Here we want to offer some information on another major trend that is slowly turning the corner but has always been leaning head, metallic shoes. No doubt ...

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What shoes I wear in spring?

spring footwear

Spring brings us a time changes so radical that we have to be prepared for any occasion. As we change clothes closet introducing fresh clothing and tailored garments this season, we must do the same with the shoes which winter boots in the month of May as to not hit much. The spring footwear options are much more varied and ...

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Boots and Dress Shoes Can Make You Taller

height increasing shoes

If you are a man suffering from low self-esteem due to your height, you may think there is nothing you can do about it. Lately shoe manufacturers have realized the potential of height increasing shoes for men. These shoes incorporate the style and comfort of ordinary shoes with a lift inside to increase the height of the person wearing them. ...

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The shoes you will wear this summer

summer shoes

In our outfit not only to take care of the chosen clothes, but also the accessories that accompany the clothes. Of these, the shoes are a cornerstone to succeed in our look. In a thousand ways and styles, you must move that stick in your suitcase for this holiday. You are warned! Wedges They are, par excellence, the shoe itself ...

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The sports fashion at your feet!

sports fashion

Between your basic seasons not forget to grab multicolor sneakers. The sport footwear became fashionable outside the gym! If you are the heels fleeing the weekend and all week after being forced to get on the heights looking for the most comfortable for your feet, you’re in luck. The world of footwear is experiencing a revolution.

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The spring slippers … On your feet!

spring slippers

The slippers are going strong this spring. That trembles the traditional dancers because the war in a matter of flat shoe, is served. The era of go flat has not old fashioned or much less. The maxi heels share the limelight with the sport and one of the shoes that come stomping this season, is called slippers.

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