Five Cool New Sandal Trends for Spring-Summer 2013

sandal trends

At the moment it may look like the winter of 2013 is here to stay for good – and that it won’t be gone too soon. However, we all rationally know that the warmer season is right around the corner, and a bit of slush, sludge, and snow is no reason to ignore its rapid approach. What’s more, the world’s ...

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Why Do You Require Running Accessories?

running shoe

There are certain sports that demand proper shoes and accessories. Cross country and long distance running are two of these sports. Though an abundance of shoes are available for jogging and running, the question is which of them will suit you best. In addition to the basic running equipment, many people believe that some smaller running accessories are a must. ...

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The ideal heel as shown in Figure

ideal heel

What criteria do you follow to choose the heel? Do you love the needle, love the wedges, or do you prefer the medium? Discover that contributes to our figure the choice of a certain height. Sign of femininity and sensuality, the heel is one of the most common fetishes between the male genders. On it we feel safe, sexy, and ...

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Great things about Wearing Arch Support Shoes

arch support

Going for walks or working might be really fantastic for the well-being since it is useful for your personal soul and blood flow. Nonetheless, it could be really stress filled to your feet if you do not just take the preventive measures. You can find no should worry – all you need is definitely the arch support shoes to remain ...

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The Slippers are trend fashion at your feet!

slippers fashion

The have seen on the streets, in the shops and certainly more than you already have in your closet. Who would have thought that this shoe would become one of our basic for autumn winter 2012-2013? We present the most cutting-edge fashion these months. Prepare your feet with slippers. Fashionable shoes these months are so versatile that no matter how ...

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Fashion Trends: Sandals for winter

sandals for winter

Find the balance between the low temperatures and a few feet to the fashion. The latest trend is to carry sandals as footwear, even with cold through. Do not know how to carry it? Read on … Then we show you the keys. One of the things that most surprised to enter the shop and see the new collections of ...

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Matthew Williamson & Havaianas: collaboration and anniversary

waterproof boots

The British designer has designed two models of waterproof boots for the famous brand of sandals. And both have something to celebrate. If you thought that not would return to see the rim from Havaianas until next year, you were wrong. The Sandals brand also has a line of waterproof boots and this year has two models designed by Matthew ...

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Trends: Sneakers with platforms

wedge sneakers

The hidden wedge sneakers are a phenomenon that seemed somewhat difficult to combine, and it certainly is, but not has been in the limelight of the trends that never low cost shops being impractical. Instead, this fall we see it everywhere and are a must to be taken in the closet. The firm Ash was initially introduced these difficult sneakers, ...

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Stylize sandals

stylize sandals

With the arrival of summer, sandals become the true stars of the season. To do this, we unveil the styling cues to choose the best models that will help us to stylize the figure. Passion for sandals High, low, flat platform, as a sabot, Roman or peep toes version. There is no model that will resist you. Nevertheless: have you ...

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Steve Madden shoes

steve madden shoes

Steve Madden is one of those people who risks everything to get what he wants most, which in his case was to start his own shoe company, which began in 1990, very modestly, in a small workshop that created their designs, inspired by what he saw in the street, in his own ideas and years of experience in the footwear ...

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