wedge sneakers

The hidden wedge sneakers are a phenomenon that seemed somewhat difficult to combine, and it certainly is, but not has been in the limelight of the trends that never low cost shops being impractical. Instead, this fall we see it everywhere and are a must to be taken in theRead More →

stylize sandals

With the arrival of summer, sandals become the true stars of the season. To do this, we unveil the styling cues to choose the best models that will help us to stylize the figure. Passion for sandals High, low, flat platform, as a sabot, Roman or peep toes version. ThereRead More →

steve madden shoes

Steve Madden is one of those people who risks everything to get what he wants most, which in his case was to start his own shoe company, which began in 1990, very modestly, in a small workshop that created their designs, inspired by what he saw in the street, inRead More →


Would you like to walk so comfortable that it seems that you’re wearing slippers to walk in house? Aware of this trend because slippers make your dreams come true. Originally used by the British aristocracy to walk home, the slippers are the new fashion shoe. An ideal footwear to combineRead More →

latest footwear

The slippers are the new in fashion shoes. A footwear ideal for combining with shorts, dresses, skinny jeans or even tuxedo for women. The comfort is not at odds with fashion and slippers are a clear example, we classify as a means ballerina moccasin. The former were velvet and embroideryRead More →

United Nude sandal

Windmills of summer surrenders to our feet and clothes with style, personality and challenges to maintain the balance. Do you know Abstract Rome? The signing of United Nude shoes, a history that began with a broken heart of the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who found inspiration in the world ofRead More →

flatform shoes

The trend flatforms are somewhat difficult to carry, since not everyone likes the fact they do, and however, we can say that there are some that caught our attention. This shoe comes from creating a flat platform, bringing together the words “flat” and “platforms” on a new concept. We haveRead More →