Summer Fashion

Trumpet Skirt – how to use it in summer 2014

trumpet skirt

Do you notice that the trumpet skirt is back? For anyone who has not yet been presented, it is a skit more tight in the body, but with the more open and wavy bar, like the mouthpiece of a trumpet, even vertically. Apart from super feminine, the trumpet skirt (now also known as Fit and Flare) is a very versatile ...

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Extend your summer tan easily

summer tan

A few days on the beach or in the mountains and our skin loses the horrible whitish color that accompanies us throughout the winter. We know that too much sun is harmful and should never expose it without protection, but it is true that in the right amount gives us a nice skin tone, that makes us more beautiful. The ...

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The summer maxi necklaces: Styling tricks to choose them!

summer maxi necklaces

The necklaces are the indisputable bonuses in the summer season. The bigger and more colorful are the better. The accessories we are thrown into the neck this summer and is that the bibs, chokers and XXL versions necklaces seize us. The volume and color are essential features of these accessories perfect for putting the finishing touch to a certain look. ...

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Long white dress: Three summer outfits!

long white dress

Long dresses sweep this summer. Here we teach you how to make the most of this summer garment. This season if or if you had to have in your possession a long dress: stylish, comfortable and very stylish. This so female garment provides linearity and slender figure. However, according to the form of combining the effects it has on our ...

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Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tips

To look and feel good about yourself, then show you some practical beauty tips. Get the most out of your makeup kit and boasts face this summer. Lip rouge The red color is infallible to succeed in our makeup either winter or summer. Seductive and very feminine, this tone takes over our lips both day and night. But what shade ...

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Hat: The complement hit of this summer

summer hat

To protect from the sun without sacrificing the elegance and glamor, comes the perfect complement is increasingly more adept. The hat, in all its versions, it becomes an essential summer unable to reject during the hottest days. Become a real summer girl and boasts style. The vintage trend has rescued the memory lane of the accessories with more personality and ...

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Perfumes for Summer

summer perfume

Fresh, fruity and smooth. This is how we present the new fragrance for this summer. We left the perfumes that have been with us all year to replace new scents reminiscent of the good weather and the heat of summer. Here we reveal what the fragrances for which let wrap this season. In summer, our skin asks flavored with new ...

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Dresses you will wear this summer

summer dress

About to start the hottest season of the year, there is a basic garment that can not miss in your suitcase this holiday. The dress, in its many forms and styles, stands as the most coveted summer must. Safari look It is one of the basic tones and safe palette: the khaki color is adapted to all seasons of the ...

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The shoes you will wear this summer

summer shoes

In our outfit not only to take care of the chosen clothes, but also the accessories that accompany the clothes. Of these, the shoes are a cornerstone to succeed in our look. In a thousand ways and styles, you must move that stick in your suitcase for this holiday. You are warned! Wedges They are, par excellence, the shoe itself ...

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Rain prints: The prints of the summer!

Rain prints

With the heat of summer becomes a must that can not miss in your suitcase on vacation. The most daring and colorful prints take over the fashion runways. Skirts, dresses, pants and even monkeys have fallen succumbed to the fever of the prints. Are you going to be without them? Tropical Inspiration There are no more summery than the Palm ...

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