Summer Fashion

The accessories that adorn your hair this summer

colorful scarves

Summer is here and with it landing freshest supplements willing to set trends on our head. This season’s most colorful scarves and more exotic flowers stand as the winning bets. Will you dare to them? Joy, courage and great style is what you will detach with these incredible and flashy accessories. We review the trends dictated by the gateway to ...

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Five Cool New Sandal Trends for Spring-Summer 2013

sandal trends

At the moment it may look like the winter of 2013 is here to stay for good – and that it won’t be gone too soon. However, we all rationally know that the warmer season is right around the corner, and a bit of slush, sludge, and snow is no reason to ignore its rapid approach. What’s more, the world’s ...

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Yellow Dresses: Dresses for Spring and Summer Color

yellow dresses

In spring and summer season it is advisable to opt for a dress that comes to offering great vitality with respect to the image, one option stands out as the classic you can use a yellow dress, a color highly related spring and the return of both the sun and the flowering in plants. Yellow dresses also can highlight on ...

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Makeup: nude look for summer

nude make-up

Now that our skin lights up a golden color from the sun, not worth hide behind a very heavy makeup. The nude is a good option to highlight our natural beauty and our tan. The nude trend has found a place in our makeup. By combining the right products can make to enhance our unpretentious charm. In summer, our skin ...

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Fashion: this summer, bet all the white

white dress

If you want to dazzle like Gwyneth Paltrow in the Oscar red carpet, put on a nuclear target, a big trend this summer. In past summers the white just hanging around. Beyond that, full white dress outside of a beach was a little nerdy and excessive. But this year everything changes and the total white is in fashion. Walk into ...

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Handbags for Summer

summer handbags

The arrival of summer is not only the change of clothes in the usual dress, but also the change purse, handbags that are consistent with the clothes you are carrying, handbags with life, handbags that breathe vitality, handbags jovial, full of bright colors, attractive patterns, bags hard to remember that the winter is over. And this summer was not going ...

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Natural Makeup for Summer

natural makeup

In summer, we prefer natural makeup and easy to handle, without strong colors. As the sun’s rays are responsible for premature aging of the skin. In that sense, looking foundations with UV protection. In the market you will also find products that are resistant to sweat and have moisturizing components. These days it is necessary to apply strong colors on ...

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Curly hair for summer


Women with curly hair is impossible to dominate and the ideas to change of look and great summer hairstyles are let me say. No matter how your curls, your hair cut or its length, something for all tastes and styles. Curly hair offers so many possibilities such as the straight hair: you can get braids, relaxers, bows, let it loose. ...

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Summer makeup in paste tones

makeup in paste tones

For the summer, the makeup is full of contrasts, colors: pink, blue, green, violet and change your tone is turned off while maintaining your appearance more sweet and romantic. Extra pink lips, super compact shades and very marked cheeks. It is the keys to achieve this childlike appearance, babydoll that the summer makeup in pastries tones offers us.

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