Women’s fashion

How to wear a tie for women?

women with tie

The good thing about fashion is that it allows you to innovate and be creative, despite that, sometimes when we want to use a garment that not many women use, do not know how to combine and we make simple mistakes. That is over, if you’re considering purchasing a tie, we will teach you the basic tips for the treading ...

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How to be a ‘trendy’ Mom

trendy mom

In the past, a woman could not combine the ability to retain her femininity with role as future mother. In other words, it is not that she could not continue to be concerned about image, but the concept of trendy mom was not as widespread as today. So getting to be that kind of woman sure of herself and try ...

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The monkey, the best ally of summer

monkey dress

Every summer there are items that reappear in our closet, some we receive them with open arms, and others not so well by not sit as we would like, and what is clear is that the monkey is in the good side as this debate concerns. The monkeys are a piece of relatively young clothing, that years ago no one ...

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‘Looks’ with long skirt for this summer

look long skirt

The long skirt has emerged as one of the star items for this summer, so if you consider yourself fashion lovers can not miss one in your closet. Moreover, as we will show below, you can wear them in many different occasions as they wear dark for evening events and bright and cheerful colors during the day. The only thing ...

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Frilly garments to brighten up your summer

frilly garments

Do you know the best way to brighten the summer and be fashionable at the same time? Wear frilly clothes and whether they are striking even better. And that flyers are everywhere: adorning the eaves of the arms of the shirts, in the crop top allowing to make the brown belly out and even in the skirts and dresses. In ...

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Ideas for combining cowgirls’ jackets

cowgirl jacket

If there is something that makes a difference in look, these are the accessories. Take a different motif, a single detail in a personal style when it comes to clothing, you can get to move from an ordinary style to a type of outfit gains the garland as for looks in street style. Therefore in this case we speak of ...

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Dare with the tribal print

tribal print

We can not deny it: the tribal pattern is a must in fashion, and we have already surrendered to it. Although at first it could seem a excessive print, tacky or even belonging to the past, nothing is further from reality. It is a key component in our closet, we can not let this season if we are lovers of ...

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Floral leggings: learn to combine it!

floral leggings

We can not deny: they are fashionable. And above all, they are a must have promises to keep since this April month until they reach high heat. What do we mean? Of course, the leggings with floral print. Long ago, it seemed to us that they were taken from another era, which were typical of the 1990s, and gave us ...

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Spring Mini Skirts

spring miniskirts

If anything we all look forward to, is that the good weather finally comes to our lives, and we can show off our best spring outfits. In this case, we speak mostly in one piece without which we can not pass when it finally arrives the spring, and gives way to summer: miniskirts. That super short version of midi skirts ...

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Ethnic skirts back in 2014

ethnic skirts

The trend of ethnic skirts frequently we have seen in past seasons. That is why nothing was thinking that they continue to be popular. However, both the parades of Haute Couture, as fashion bloggers and the most popular shops, agreed that the reign of the ethnic skirts is not over yet. The ethnic skirts are great for any time of ...

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