Women’s fashion

Floral leggings: learn to combine it!

floral leggings

We can not deny: they are fashionable. And above all, they are a must have promises to keep since this April month until they reach high heat. What do we mean? Of course, the leggings with floral print. Long ago, it seemed to us that they were taken from another era, which were typical of the 1990s, and gave us ...

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Spring Mini Skirts

spring miniskirts

If anything we all look forward to, is that the good weather finally comes to our lives, and we can show off our best spring outfits. In this case, we speak mostly in one piece without which we can not pass when it finally arrives the spring, and gives way to summer: miniskirts. That super short version of midi skirts ...

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Ethnic skirts back in 2014

ethnic skirts

The trend of ethnic skirts frequently we have seen in past seasons. That is why nothing was thinking that they continue to be popular. However, both the parades of Haute Couture, as fashion bloggers and the most popular shops, agreed that the reign of the ethnic skirts is not over yet. The ethnic skirts are great for any time of ...

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A garment, three looks: pleated skirt from Zara

pleated skirt

Occasionally, there are clothes you see and know that they will become that piece that you will want to wear next season. And normally happens with firms, who know the style that is most going. As it could not be otherwise, we show you a garment for this spring: the pleated skirt from Zara in dusty tones. This piece is ...

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Reinventing white shirt

white shirt

Do you usually wear a white shirt to go to work? This spring, we teach you to optimize forms combine to update your office looks. If there is a basic garment that can not miss in the wardrobe is the white shirt. Versatile, comfortable and above all easy to use. It is part of the exclusive group of inexhaustible garments ...

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Trumpet Skirt – how to use it in summer 2014

trumpet skirt

Do you notice that the trumpet skirt is back? For anyone who has not yet been presented, it is a skit more tight in the body, but with the more open and wavy bar, like the mouthpiece of a trumpet, even vertically. Apart from super feminine, the trumpet skirt (now also known as Fit and Flare) is a very versatile ...

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Dueling trends: black against white

black against white

This season it seems that fashion is going to beat everything in mourning. The always perfect combination of black and white is over. This winter, the perfect pair of colors is white and black, and that allowed creating elegant and discrete that never passed from fashion and looks that drew us any trouble, paddles in duel. Both colors will get ...

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Garments that lengthen your figure

lengthen figure

Stylize our body is possible if you know how to combine clothes that we have. Wanting to have a more elongated figure that our body appears much thinner at least optically is a desire of many women who do not succeed by physical circumstances. Many times, the trick lies not in express diets or in impossible heels – although its ...

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Jumpsuits, even in winter


There are certain items that we keep in our wardrobe each season hoping to take them back within a year, either with good weather, or when it starts to cool again. However, the fashion world is changing, and slowly the pieces are globalized to be used regardless of the weather. This is the case of the monkeys or jumpsuits, between ...

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LBD: Safe Bet for New Year’s Eve


If there is a maximum in the fashion world is that when choosing items of clothing for a key ‘look’, or the accessories is that we must go for those timeless but unique parts, and involving a wardrobe. There is a garment in question is ideal for Christmas, and uses it constantly, especially on New Year’s Eve: Little Black Dress. ...

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