Women’s fashion

Reasons why you should wear a coat

reasons to wear coats

Winters are fabulous, not only because they are oh-so-romantic and wonderful for walking, but because it is the time in which you can dress up to your heart’s desire, and still do not exceed. You can use the fashion of things and let that your inner diva, and if you think that you will catch cold, there is always a ...

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Pencil Skirt: feminine and practical

pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is a classic fashion, every woman needs to include this item in their wardrobe. Feminine and practice, it is more a retro outfit which was incorporated into the daily life of the modern woman. It combines with shirts, t-shirts, peplums and whatever else you want to create. Longer and with a high waist pencil skirt, shapes the ...

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Trend in fashion with flowers!

fashion with flowers

The flowers came stomping over many decades and have positioned themselves in all kinds of women’s clothes and even accessories but we must combine them to make them look good. The flowers have ceased to be a gift for brides or embellishment to make more beautiful the house or the preception of a marriage, and now moved to the prints, ...

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The use of short

use short

The shorts are imposed for all occasions and weather, but you must know how to combine them and who can use them as they are not appropriate for all female silhouettes. It is a garment that is taking great force and to stay either fall or summer, as the designs are so varied that can adapt to any situation without ...

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A renovated classic, camel coat; discover how to take it!

camel coat

It is a fact that the male cut coats and maxi size are a ‘must’ this season, but there are fabrics and colors returning after years forgotten. The camel coat is a classic, it had its moment in the 90s. The Max Mara company has continued to reinvent this piece, so that the new low cost brands have been inspired ...

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Using pantyhose


The pantyhose are a quintessential garment that does see the girls much more attractive, but you have to know certain things when combined with other garments and recognize that using it and in which it is prohibited. It is a garment that has been known for a long time and has several features that have evolved over the years and ...

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The fashion of skirts

skirts fashion

The skirts have never gone and although sometimes their use is limited by weather conditions, have always been loved by the girls and now more than impose new designs and styles for all tastes. In the summer, skirts are being imposed and not just use them informally, but also to please a more formal way, without losing the style and ...

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How to wear white?

wear white

The whites are an excellent choice to build any look in any season, but you know what colors, clothes and accessories combine to not look overdone or wrong. At first glance it may seem very simple to combine it with anything, but always keep a little care and subtlety in this kind of detail, to not be messy or a ...

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Baggy pants: 1 item 3 looks!

baggy pant

How to wear baggy pants in a flattering? We teach you to combine this garment as comfortable as the time and place. The so-called “baggy pant” has become one of the key pieces of the summer season be refined with more sophisticated fabrics. They are perfect when you want to get comfortable and get a chic casual look. This type ...

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Beach outfits: Choose your style!

navy outfits

It seems that summer has arrived, finally!, And beach fun days during the holidays are almost a reality. Although these cases are imposed carefree outfits, do not fall into the mistake of putting the first thing we found in the closet. You can have fun combining your clothes to achieve different styles, so you go divine even in the most ...

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