Women’s fashion

Daring lingerie for brides very feminine

Daring lingerie

The lingerie is and has been a primary attire in any wedding that is worthy. Given the huge number of proposals that are released constantly in the market, we could make, even, a distinction in terms of fabrics and styles, the taste of each bride. The traditional lingerie lace and embroidery, is still the most widely used, although gaining market ...

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Sensual Dresses

elegant dress

There are many elegant dresses, multitude, because if something is this garment is its elegance, permanent, and almost ethereal, almost impossible to avoid, because the elegance of a dress is going with her, almost regardless of who take or how to bring it. And that is in order to bring another type of clothing we have to find the combination, ...

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This style of clothing is very special for women, in some countries are known as shorts and other names. The truth is that nowadays are being created by the designers of the world. Today we present you this new idea of special clothing for women: shorts, combined with different designs that will make you look with a different image. This ...

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Black Cocktail Dresses

Black Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dresses are the perfect choice for special occasions where we dressed in formal and informal dresses. The cocktail dress is beautiful and sexy style and can be found in a variety of pretty colors like red, white, blue, black and many more. Here we are going to talk about the black color because it is a very appropriate ...

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Elegant gala dresses

gala dresses

The summer is over, and with it the holidays and leisure time. Return the obligations, the daily concerns… and, of course, social gatherings. We all know that fall is the time that many choose for weddings, or, if we talk about the work, in order to carry out presentations, conventions and all kinds of events ahead of the final stretch ...

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Styling Tricks: Cellulite Clothing

cellulite clothing

Would you like to finish with cellulite? We snuck in our wardrobe to identify clothes out enemy of your body. Cellulite, the eternal friend of the woman also sleeps at home. Much we know about it, but what is the relationship with the clothes we wear? Although it is difficult to believe the war against the Orange skin and sagging ...

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Zara new collection for Winter

Zara winter clothing

Today we speak of the clothes that sell for winter and more particularly the Zara winter clothing. Zara collection for the winter: long sleeves, sweaters, coats and all kinds of accessories that will make our winter will be warmer. But we want to focus on the clothes, and Zara is a specialist in feminine and chic dresses. In her winter ...

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Styling Tips: How to enhance a small chest

necklines dress

We all love those low necklines, those dresses that require not using bra and bare back. Although many have tried why not get wear this type of clothes without complexes? You’ve tried everything, whether fasteners that are tied as well or like, that if the famous stickers that supposedly highlighted, dare to put the bikini top and experiment with the ...

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Denim skirt: 3 perfect combinations!

denim skirt

Christian Dior introduced in the 40’s the pencil skirt, and since then, is the female wardrobe, one of the hottest items for women. Tied to the body is an expert in enhancing the curves of any shape. This part reserved to office look, reinventing itself to become an excellent garment for wear by day, late at night with varying degrees ...

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