Celebrity beauty tips

Celebrities and models show a lot of discipline when it comes to keeping their bodies in shape. Each and every one of them has his or her own method of getting fit and staying beautiful.

celebrity beauty tips

Most models claim that the secret to flawless skin and a slim body is drinking water – and a lot of it. A minimum of 2 liters a day is required and liquids like coffee and alcohol are forbidden. The water keeps the skin bright and flexible from the inside. Of course, nourishing the skin from the inside is not enough. One has to take care of it from the outside as well. With BB cream skin care one can moisturize the face with all liquids it needs and calm irritated skin at the same time. Quite a few models don’t wear makeup when they are not on the job. That gives facial skin the chance to breathe and recover.

A mad(onna) diet
While all models and most celebrities swear on this whole drinking water diet and doing some sort of work out, some VIPs favor different forms of diet. Madonna is famous not only for her music and controversial performances but also for her macrobiotic diet and daily yoga sessions. The 54-year old singer keeps her body in incredible shape by eating a rice-based diet with vegetables, fruit or soy – milk, potatoes and sugar are strictly forbidden. She also exercises a couple of hours every day. Her routine consists of 40 minutes of cardio followed by toning exercises. The “Queen of Pop” isn’t called the most self-disciplined celebrity for nothing.

No normal working person has the time or the power to live according to these hardcore rules. Still, it is possible to take some advice from celebrities. A healthy diet, drinking a lot of water and a regular workout help to get and keep in good shape and feel comfortable in one’s own body. Taking care of it, including feet, is important but shouldn’t dictate the entire life.

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