Chef and waiter coats

The restaurant business is perhaps one of the hardest and most competitive businesses to work in. Food service and quality has to be on point every time for costumers to return and that means that the staff plays a significant role in order for that to succeed.

chef coats

However, for you to deliver your very best at all times requires that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Buttons the keep unbuttoning, sleeves that unexpectedly roll down by itself when it is most inconvenient or just shirts that give chafing can be super distracting and take your mind of the task on hand. However, by choosing the right chef or waiter coat you can avoid this problem entirely.

Professionalism – the core of chef coats

Danish brand Kentaur designs and high-quality chef jackets in collaboration with experienced chefs. And it is this exact collaboration that has made it possible for the brand to create chef coats that are an absolute pleasure to work in and has become a staple in the wardrobe of many international chefs.

The close dialogue between the brand and professional chefs in the development phase make sure that every new style is tested properly. This means you get chef coats that are suited to every actual need in the kitchen and not just a designer’s idea of which functions and fabrics supposedly will work. The process also makes it possible to create even more comfortable chef jackets than ever seen before.

The fabric is long-lasting and uncannily durable and ensures that you look you very best all day – even after long messy shifts. Kentaur guarantees that you get a chef coat that is created specifically for the chef. A chef’s profession is very much characterized by professional pride, and it is this same pride that has been put into the development of the pioneering chef coats which without a doubt will be able to replace your old rags.

Through thick and thin

Are you intrigued by the interesting collaboration between chefs and Kentaur, and are you thinking about replacing your chef coat, then you can see more here. Every chef coat comes in a large variety of unisex and regular sizes as well as with long or short sleeves. Discover the most popular variants and find the one that will be your future companion through thick gravy-stains and thin splashes of water.

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