Choose a dress according to your body type

Each has a different shape, but that does not prevent us from wearing a great dress in the occasion. Here we bring you some tips to choose the dress which fits the body you have:

choose dress

Very thin
Try to find long dresses with many layers; it can help to highlight your slim body by adding the illusion of height. Avoid very short skirts, because it will focus on your legs. Try to find fabrics with ruffles to help you get more volume.

Plus Sizes
Unlike what you might think, the main thing is to avoid having many layers of clothing, avoid wearing tight or too many ornaments, and try to find fabrics that gently wrap your body to not make you feel uncomfortable.

Large bust
It is not very usual, but if you’ve developed a large bust you have two paths, one is to emphasize, though we assure you that your parents are not quite agree with this option, but if you decide to take, what you need is to find V-necks and preferably use fabrics that glide over your skin instead of tighten, this will make you feel uncomfortable during the whole party.

Your other option is to hide it, for which you could try wearing a skirt cut a few inches above your knee; this will accentuate your legs and dissimulate your bust.

Small bust
If you have a small bust, avoid wide necklines. Instead, look for a dress that has round neck or ornaments on the top, with this you can highlight your bust. Layered necklaces can help you give more volume.

Wide arms
If you have wide arms, it is important to avoid sleeveless dresses, trying to find an option with sleeves type campaign of 3/4 or full. This will help to disguise the shape of your arms.

Thick waist
Some girls have thicker waist than the hips, this is called “apple shape”. Avoid dresses with details at the waist, this will draw attention and be noticed more. Better try to find a dress with imperial size or fall, because this will help disguise the figure.

Wide hips and thighs
The so-called “pear-shaped” demand that you do not use a dress with a very short skirt, generally should be no shorter than two fingers above the knee, otherwise it will seem very short.

You can also select a dress that has a V-neck to draw attention away from your hip and so look more beautiful on your day.

We hope these tips help you find the dress you want, never forget to adjust your clothes to your body type, because it is always possible to look beautiful learning advantages that bring your figure.

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