Choose fragrance that suitable for you

When we think of a smell, it will probably associate with a memory. The positivity and energy that we generated can this memory, may have to do directly with the scent that takes full. Therefore, to discern the scent we use in our day to day or on special occasions, it will symbolize what others may remember, or you can actually like it more naturally.

choose fragrance

In the first instance, discuss the scents that we can choose at this particular time, regardless of the fashion houses or trends that will launch the brands to market their products. Although it is obvious that all odors are not equal in a skin than other, we can convict an overview of how odors are best adapted to different models of women.

We are talking, after all, the smell itself. To which transmits either scents, or what we can get for our own happiness. If we want to make it clear that we have been in a place, and in addition are women strong and safe from ourselves, we probably need an odor that drifts away from the sweet and mannered, nothing fruity. These notes of sandal, for example, will arrive sometime symbolize, part of our personality.

On the other hand, if we want to show the opposite, that is, a style much more childlike and even candid, it’s time to go for very sweet scents: banana, coconut, vanilla … certainly will not leave us indifferent and will always have of who is the person who takes them. If we want all this wrapped in an aura of fairies only, then we will have to think of rose, apple, strawberry water… This case perfectly with what we are and feel.

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