Choose the eyeglass frame that best promotes

They have become, in its own right, in a fashion more than complement that favors us and brings to our outfits a touch of sophistication in the looks more suitable for the work or everyday life. So far had been a necessity, now you can wear any eyeglass frame although you do not need it.

eyeglass frame

The eyeglasses of view every day looks more visible in the most studied, not only in the office, even if it is a perfect complement to the working look, but also outfits where looking for an intellectual touch.

But when choosing a frame, keep in mind that each type of face will be a model and to this end, it is advisable to examine the features and angles of the face before choosing a frame.

eyeglass frame

The square frames are great for rounder faces. With it you get compensate for the lack of angle and refine the oval. If your face is round any model with this form you will be phenomenal.

Oval faces are very grateful in a matter of glasses. They usually look good almost all models. If your face cut is in this way, take advantage of it and dare the models with more fun and modern, as the so-called cat’s eyes style or glasses round the John Lennon style – You Will Succeed!

If, however, your face is thin, with a broad forehead and jawline, you need glasses that will devalue hardness to your factions. Over-sized frames are best for you can take full advantage.

You know, go ahead with the model that best suits the shape of your face and adds to your working look.

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