Choose the ideal facial tonic for you

Facial Tonic is ideal for removing cleanser residue and tightens pores. But what is right for your skin type? We will explain it.

ideal facial tonic

While not a must-have item in the routine of beauty, the facial toner helps us keep our skin in better condition, preventing pores too open, which improves the appearance of the face and reduces the possibility of blackheads or acne.

However it is important to consider some aspects to choose the right product to help us maintain the perfect skin without drying or cause discomfort. We give you some tips that should be taken into account:

  • If you have dry skin, always choose a facial toner without alcohol, and so avoid that your dermis from drying out more than necessary.
  • If you have a fat skin and very prone to the formation of grains and black spots, it is important to choose a special tonic for oily skin that will help control shine and keep your pores closed.
  • In cases of likely to be always red or irritated skin, soothing tonic made from natural ingredients are an excellent alternative that should be used.
  • For women with very large pores, it is important to choose a facial tonic that help close them, several alternatives on the market will offer you this option.
  • In case your skin is normal, you could use a refreshing facial toner that makes you feel great when applied, revitalizing your skin without drying or moisturize more.

For each type of facial skin there is an ideal tonic. Opt for the one that best suits your face and enhances the effect of this product.

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