If anything we can all be clear in matters of fashion, is that every woman is different. Personality, lifestyle, everyday habits, and the relationship itself or tug of war that we have with the world of trends can compose it really will use when dressing.

shoes according to personality

This is something that can also happen with shoes. These accessories are essential as is logical when we compose a look, but wee can say more than we really want. Although that generally can symbolize social patterns that do not resemble women, yes we can confirm certain guidelines in matters of footwear.

For example, if we are looking at a pair of sandals or shoes with heels, we can be clear that women, who choose them as usual and not punctual, often have a very favorable relationship with its image. Usually we use heels to feel good, because we are prettier and stylized, and because we like to take a sophisticated, modern and stylish lady.

If, however, we prefer the convenience and do not give too much importance in our image, we may decide to use completely flat shoes. And within it, we can thin a personality more preppy if we bet by the bailarinas, or the flat sandals, they have plenty of options when heading to their combination. Something similar happens with sports, since they are usually used not only for moments of exercise, but for those who want to relax and foremost the comforts are present in her days.

What is the best part? Depending on your mood or the time of day can use one or the other, and always feel safe.

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