How To Choose Colors For Bridesmaids Dresses

colors for bridesmaids dresses

Did you know that there are universal colors? What do I mean by that? I know that it is overwhelming when you want to choose colors for bridesmaids, there is a conflict in which colors to use, so that they feel comfortable with the original designs they choose. That’s why I gave myself the task of writing this post, where I will show you the universal colors that you can choose for your dresses and anyone will be left without any doubt. Take note.

Emerald Green

You have heard when they say “the color of this blouse makes me look pale”; it is because the lighting of the tone collides with the skin and makes it inappropriate. That is why I present the emerald green color or collection of seafoam green bridesmaid dresses; anyone who uses it and tries it will want to keep it. There will be a feeling of comfort for all skin types even if you don’t have your makeup on yet.

cobalt blue bridesmaids dress

Cobalt blue

My favorite color in dresses. A very striking blue because of the brightness it contains, relates us to the highest authority, but that generates a circle of trust and clarity. A color that shows security; so, if your legs shake from your nerves and fear of scenic panic, this tone will benefit you as soon as you put it on.

Navy blue

This color is normally used in jeans and we know that it always combines with everything. It is a color that transmits cold, which when used will provide lightness and accordingly, will make you look thinner. Do not hesitate to use it!

Pure Coral

A rather striking color, it is directed more towards fun, since it is a color that is associated with childhood. It lends itself to quite sociable and hyperactive people. There are beautiful designs that will look beautiful on you, try this tone.


The beautiful set of turquoise color bridesmaid dresses that combines blue with green and creates a mixture that will benefit any skin type. If you doubt between the colors of your accessories opt for silver. Similarly, if you do not know which heels use combine them with some of this range.

mint color bridesmaids dresses


A color that looks pretty good in everything and more in dresses. It is a color that transmits liveliness and gives an effect of freshness. For heat seasons the mint will be great ally of yours. If you want a wedding with a vintage look this tone is the one chosen by many brides.

If none of the colors call your attention you can only add them to the makeup by applying it in shadows accompanied by a good lipstick and blush.

Now that you know this range of colors you can choose the right one for your bridesmaids. Take out this glossary of tones that can combine with everything and will make your life easier.

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