Common mistakes when buying a perfume

We love to change perfume and adapt our fragrance to the season, our mood and especially the situation. Experts say every woman should have 4 different scents. Two for autumn-winter for the day and night, and two perfumes for spring/summer for day and night.

buying perfume

However, why would you ever guess right with your choice? In the store you liked it but when you use it in your day to day – it doesn’t smell like it! As much as you like when you take from your friend and now you have it in your power do not like the result!

Here we explain six common mistakes when choosing a perfume:

Being influenced by advertising: How many times we have opted for a certain perfume just because we liked the bottle? What we’ve seen advertised many times does not mean it smell better. Be guided by the scent is what counts!

Bring post scent when going to buy: Sure this is a common misconception. Go buy a perfume with an already distorted because the end results as much as we ourselves are not aware of the perfume that already carries.

Tested the perfume on the skin: Even if you think that the best way to test a perfume is to do it directly on the skin, the best way to check its smell is using the cards that exist in most perfumeries. Using it is more than necessary especially if you are buying a perfume for someone else, because as you know the perfumes do not smell the same on all skin types.

Try the perfume in the afternoon: The time zone to which we will test a perfume is decisive. It is advisable to go in the morning because our nose is not tired.

Flutter to followed more than 3 fragrances: To go to try Perfumes and finish with six cards in your hand is a serious mistake, especially since your nose just so confused mixture and end, and you do not know which you like best!

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