Crisis and nail polish

Our nails have become very important in recent months with nail art. Everywhere we see bright colors, designs and patterns on the hands of countless women. The Olympics are still a great escape from the range of possibilities when we decorate our fingernails but it’s just fashion or is there more?

nail art

The lipstick theory revealed that during an economic crisis the sale of this makeup increased considerably. The secret of this increased consumption is very simple. The lipstick is a fad that does not cost much money, so we are not deprived of it. This theory also applies to nail polish, so fashionable this summer.

But it is not just a question of style. During economic downturns or personal, we like to give a touch of color to our life and the easiest way is to resort to makeup. The nails have become the center of attention and we have proposed makes bright colors and eye-catching colors this season. So we have faced difficult times giving a touch of optimism in our hands through the nail art.

On the other hand, at the Olympic Games we have found that nail polish is one of the protagonists of this event. In all the modalities we’ve seen athletes whose nails were getting the limelight. The colors of the Olympic symbol and of the flags are by staining the manicures.

nail art

Perhaps the saying to “bad weather, good face” should add “and painted nails”. The important thing is to keep a positive attitude to face difficulties. And if the nail polish helps, why not use it?

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