Cycling fashion

Fashion has become popular in many parts of our life. It’s now considered essential to have a good sense of fashion when dressing up for work, to a party or even for sport. Every year designers come up with new designs to please the fashionable crowd.

cycling clothes

While it’s good to have an idea of the current trends, it’s best not to be too caught up in them. Common mistakes people make when choosing cycling clothes are:

Wearing leggings and shorts together
This is quite a popular mistake that is often made by cyclists. Although unsure when and how this trend started, it’s when cyclists wear their shorts over leggings. This simple mistake makes you look funny and like you are making a fool of yourself. The better option would be to either wear pants or shorts with socks as opposed to leggings.

Wearing Underwear under your Lycra
It is a known fact that cycling clothing should be comfortable while being skin tight. A common mistake made by new cyclists is wearing their underwear beneath their Lycra cycling wear. While it’s important to be safe and protect your vital organs, you should also be dressed correctly for the sport. Wearing your normal underwear under Lycra can cause them to bunch up and create an unsightly look. The inner wear can bulge from you cycling outfit and it will be extremely uncomfortable to ride. The better option would be to opt for well-designed biker shorts that has pads in the correct sports for optimum comfort.

Lack of co-ordination
If you are cycling as part of a team and have to follow a certain instructions when it comes to biking gear. If you are a novice, you might be tempted to go for the first shiny helmet or brightly coloured outfit you see. However control yourself and follow instructions. Safety is paramount when you start a sport as risky as cycling so opting for comfortable yet tight fabrics is a must. You must have socks, shorts, t-shirt, helmet and knee and arm protectors.

Wearing the wrong shoes
A sport like cycling where your feet is the main method of use requires ample protection. It is important to ensure your feet are sheathed in proper footwear. You need a pair of shoes that can grip on tightly to the pedal, don’t skid too much around the ground and have good traction. Wear slip on sneakers or tennis shoes for cycling is often a popular shoes but one that you will regret later on as these pieces aren’t cut out for the harsh world of cycling.

Opting for long socks
Cyclists have often worn short socks so the current trend where they wear long ones is quite worrying. Wear short socks with the biker shorts gives a better look to the whole outfit, is a great way to expose toned calf and leg muscles but the best reason is that it will be away from the bike’s chain. If you wear longer socks, there is more chance of it getting dirty as they will touch the bike’s chains.

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