Dare with the tribal print

We can not deny it: the tribal pattern is a must in fashion, and we have already surrendered to it. Although at first it could seem a excessive print, tacky or even belonging to the past, nothing is further from reality.

tribal print

It is a key component in our closet, we can not let this season if we are lovers of the universe fashion. If you’re ready to jump into this pattern that appeal to all kinds of women and above all, leaves no one indifferent, then you must know how you can combine to be victorious. Here will propose a series of looks that will not go unnoticed.

Look 1: Total outfit. Yes, it is risky, but what isn’t in a matter of fashion? You can opt for a piece that fully includes this print. What do we mean? Of a monkey jumpsuit or of a long proper spring garment. It will be a great piece on itself. Another option would be to buy two completely different from each tribal print that can be combining together: shirt and trousers, blouse and skirt…

Look 2: Only a garment. Okay, you like but it seems a excessive show of it in all its glory. Then think about what part of your body will be chosen to take. A shirt, a miniskirt? To attract attention, the secret lies in that area that you do not want to be ‘tribal’ is most basic possible: white, nude…

Look 3: Accessories. A handbag, sandals, maybe a bracelet or a pretty necklace… This is for women who do not support the tribal print on clothes but yet want to bring itself within accessories.

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