Daring lingerie for brides very feminine

The lingerie is and has been a primary attire in any wedding that is worthy. Given the huge number of proposals that are released constantly in the market, we could make, even, a distinction in terms of fabrics and styles, the taste of each bride.

Daring lingerie

The traditional lingerie lace and embroidery, is still the most widely used, although gaining market share with other possibilities more suggestive, attractive, innovative with tissues that are taking positions, such as lycra and polyester for sets in which there is no need for bra or brassire, which are sustained by a support.

Here are some suggestions:
The Penrose brand has hit this year with suggestive body suits and bras that adapt perfectly to every woman. The corsets, panties or shorts and thongs, are equally provocative. Another of the selected firms is Aubade, as this original color model with corset bone and long maxi.

Daring lingerie

Victoria’s Secret, one of the most famous brands and daring, proposes body’s or negligees, with transparency, very cutting-edge, provocative and sexy.

The white color is essentially used but if you want a wild wedding night, try colors like red or black, even with feline prints.

As you can see a world of infinite possibilities for any bride who wants to dare to wear costumes so insinuating for an unforgettable night.

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