Dickey: The most versatile garment of the season

When summer comes there is a tendency that always comes back or filling all the windows or a more discreet, but always there. Do you already know what we’re talking about? Sure! We refer to the famous Dickies.


Dickies trends this summer are varied but can be summarized in four essential that can not miss in your wardrobe:

Denim: The fabric par excellence
If there is something you can never give up fashion that is denim. This world famous fabric becomes even more important if we talk about breastplates, as most often in denim fabric. For a casual summer look, the best option is to opt for a Texan dickey, and combine it with a shirt in any color; you’ll fluoride in the nail!

Lace: Most summer!
If you want to wear a dickey but adds an extra glamour and elegance, do not hesitate, bet on lace. Today, this type of fabric has become a must in many garments, but it was not until this summer that we have begun to see dickey of this type. So now you know, if you want to join this fashion casual but with a chic touch the lace will be your best ally. The best option is to go for the cream color for the day and black or dark blue for the night.

Black & White: The winning combination
This combination we will not tire ever, and more if it is so trendy as that can get by combining a white dickey: super summer! With a T-shirt, black blouse. With this combination you will be perfect for the day if you combine it with a flat or platform sandal and for the night with a few good stilettos as much!


Pattern: Long live the colorful
Not only of smooth textiles that live through the Dickies, and it is that this summer the prints are revolutionizing fashion, and with this garment as fashion could not be less. So if you want to get out of the standard, look for a dickey pattern. There are a thousand ways, and for all occasions: to go to the beach, to go to a festival and even more elegant occasions.

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