Difference between a mascara and a serum for eyelashes

The eyelashes are a very important part of our eyes because they have the function of protecting them. In addition to enhancing the attractiveness of the look, lashes are key to enjoy good eye health.


Its size varies depending on the part of the eyelid where they are but the central ones are usually the longest. In the upper eyelid we have between 200 and 300 eyelashes while in the lower eyelid we have only 100.

Why do the eyelashes fall?

The constant fall of the eyelashes is known as madarosis and has several factors:

  • Clean them too hard and with horizontal movements when you remove makeup.
  • Sleeping with makeup: does not let them breathe and weakens them.
  • The mask you use, there are thicker and cheaper formulas that have no component to take care of your eyelashes.
  • Rip them when they are made up and curl them very hard.
  • Deficiency of vitamin A, B and E. They are responsible for maintaining strong and healthy skin, hair, nails and eyelashes.
  • Age. Although we do not want to believe it, as we grow the production of essential elements for a skin, hair and strong eyelashes diminishes.
  • Remember that the eyelashes are considered part of the hair so alopecia not only affects the hair of your head but that of your entire body.
  • Stress is almost the number one enemy of our overall health. It weakens our system and causes us to lose hair, eyelashes, affects our skin and reaches the organs already at a very serious level.
  • Hormonal changes.

Mascara vs. Serum

In recent years many products such as okdermo eyelash growth serums have been developed to promote the eyelashes growth, however it is important to know them to choose one that does not harm your eyes.

One of the options is mascara to make eyelashes grow. It is easy to apply because it is already known; it is applied just like the eyelash mask which makes it something familiar and every day. Its effectiveness depends on its ingredients but usually make the eyelashes grow as they promise, however the effect is superficial and fleeting. When you stop using the eyelashes, they quickly return to normal.

serum for eyelashes

On the other hand we have the serum for eyelashes, this is a treatment that not only focuses on making the eyelashes grow but strengthens them and fills them with the necessary nutrients to not weaken and fall. Its formula is based on a complex peptide that stimulates the production of keratin and improves the general health of the eyelid while promoting the growth of the eyelashes. Peptides are molecules that contain proteins and amino acids. Its function is to bring these proteins and amino acids to the cells that have a deficiency of them.

Unlike other products to buy carepros for eyelashes, a good serum is not applied along the eyelash with a type of brush mask, but it is a gel that is applied with a pen type syringe directly on the birth of the eyelash because that is the part what should be treated. It acts on the root penetrating the hair follicles of the eyelashes to depth which makes it much more effective than a mascara to grow the eyelashes because not only makes them grow but strengthens them and makes them resistant to break and causes the new lashes to be born already strong.

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