Different types of suit and how to wear them

The suits offer several choices depending on the occasions. After learning to choose the suit that suits us, which model to choose for which type of event? Here are the different types of suits!

types of suit

We usually distinguish models such as the classic suit, the suit with the crossover jacket, the three-piece suit, the tuxedo and the tailcoat or frock coat.

The classic suit

Are you not used to wearing suits or is it your first time to dare to wear it? Do not complicate your life. Opt instead for a simple choice. Play safety and do not take unnecessary risks, the result of which would be to give you the appearance of a penguin. You must opt for a more classic choice to feel comfortable.

The classic suit is versatile. It can serve you for many occasions. It has as its name suggests a classic cut with two to three buttons maximum. It’s ideal for going to work.

The suit with the crossed jacket

We recognize the suit crossed with its important number of buttons (six or more). As the name suggests, this garment does not close in the center of the jacket but slightly to the side. This draped effect particularly benefits men with a belly. You can close two buttons for a chic and formal look, or just one for a more casual look.

This costume is meant to be exclusively dedicated to men who trust them. These cows those are aware of their stylistic ability; because it requires indeed some knowledge of this garment to wear it well.

The three-piece suit

The pants, the jacket and the vest are the three pieces of the suit. The vest brings an extra elegance to the suit.

The tuxedo suit or dinner jacket

When you think of elegant outfit for big official ceremonies such as weddings, gala dinners … we think of the tuxedo. Although a little less dressed than the tail, it remains however a refined model for which many men opt.

tuxedo suit

The tuxedo suit is recognized on the back of each pan, often in gold or satin. It has no more than two buttons and the pocket of the jacket has no flap. It is suitable for all types of people but you must absolutely avoid the collar if you have a wide neck.

Church suit

The church is neither the place to make dubious fashion shows nor the place to play games of seduction. We can of course dress according to our style and tastes, wear the latest trendy sneakers, but sexy dresses and shorts do not fit in the church. The church suits is a type of suit that likely you have some attire that reflects modesty and neatness. We are not here to draw attention to ourselves. Our dress should not shock women or attract men’s eyes.

The tail or frock coat

In general, the tail or frock coat is usually black in color. This suit is short at the front and longer at the back, with character in a point down to the back of the knees. Its shape is reminiscent of the tail of the famous thief bird. It is dedicated to great occasions like your wedding for example.

How to wear suit

As we have no doubt guessed, the jacket is the centerpiece of the suit. To choose badly, it is enough to reduce to nothing the appearance of its bearer. Therefore, it is important to know certain things before you buy them.

Tradition that the suit jacket is, in principle, inseparable from its trousers; while the blazer is perfect for a more casual outfit, which can be mismatched. It is true that the perfect “gentleman” at nature to be stylistically compliant…

The suit jacket

There are tips to know its good size:

  • Regarding the belting, the jacket should tighten slightly at the waist at the rate of a fold when the first button is put to accentuate your shoulders. Too many wrinkles from the armpits to the buttons would be like a suit jacket too tight.
  • Regarding the length of the suit jacket, the bottom edge of the jacket should reach your fingertips when your arms are relaxed throughout the body, your sleeves should fall just above the wrists showing one to two centimeters cuff.

Suit pants

Not too wide, not too tight, neither too short nor too long; the suit pants should have the correct size. Indeed, it must “break” on the shoe by making only one fold. If there is no crease, it means that the pants are either too small or too fair. If the fold is too deep or there is too much crease, it means that the pants are too big.

Very important: pants should be avoided with folds in front or backhands. Pleated trousers are out of date today. Choose a flat pant that will refine your legs.

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