Choosing the perfect color and presentation is essential to spice up our face and makeup look that reflects our personality. We give you some tips to make it.

choose perfect lipstick

The market is full of options, and often not easy to choose the perfect lipstick among many alternatives. However without some knowledge about combine color and texture that best meet your requirements, give insurance with perfect for you.

We give you some important points to consider:

  • The tone of your skin is important, in dark skins the orange, browns and nude colors feel fine, while the whitest skins favor of reds, pinks and fuchsias.
  • You can find many presentations of lipstick, the gloss is perfect for daytime and casual events, because it bring a youthful touch. Meanwhile matte shades are ideal for the night and sometimes more elegant, while the creamy presentations are the most versatile solution, adapting to any occasion.
  • If you want to test how it will look the lipstick on your lips do it at your fingertips, the effect is very real. Similarly the inner part of your arm is the place that best reflects the tone of the skin on your face, so if you test your lipstick there, you will have idea of how it will look on your face.
  • Finally, remember that if you want a long-lasting lipstick and cares your mouth, you should invest in a quality product that will give you the best results.

Take these tips to find the perfect lipstick for you.

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