Dress yourself in style at your work!

Many women make do tend to go out at night or the weekend, but forget that leaving to work also we should look good. Look delicate, comfortable and beautiful is also important when working.

style at work

But being well dressed and feel comfortable depends on many factors, its will determine the attire you choose for your day. Here we shares with you 5 tips to keep in mind when choosing your work clothes:

  1. You must remember where you work
    If you expose the public have to worry about looking always very well presented, both in the choice of your clothes and in the hair and makeup. However if you are in an office or not you listen to the public, you can leave your heels to the side or choose a more comfortable keeping in mind your femininity.
  2. The weather is a very important factor that will determine your clothes and accessories. If you work in an open or outdoors, where you can spend more cold or too hot, maybe you should opt for accessories like scarves or hats that fit well with your outfit.
  3. For women who tend to leave early and get home late, there’s no better advice to choose the most comfortable shoes for your feet.
  4. It is essential before buying a garment that you think about the activities you do in the course of the day. If you spend much time bowed blouses would be good idea to pick the hip or high-waisted pants and skirts. If you spend a lot of time standing or walking choose comfortable shoes.
  5. Your personal taste account, so if there is something you do not like or not satisfied, do not use it. Being nice does not mean being uncomfortable or having to try to use things you do not like. Treat yourself to be beautiful 24 hours a day with the clothes that you like and make you feel comfortable.

On female mood we suggest that you consider these tips:

Do not use bright colors in your clothes
It depends a lot on where you work and how your bosses are but bright colors are not always welcome.

Do not choose very short skirts and tight clothes
Be careful; do not want to draw the attention of men in your workplace!

– The time to get fragrances, we women, we usually always get more.
Generally we have more than a man back with our scent on the streets, but this at work is not very beneficial. So you choose a soft perfume. If your job is in an enclosed space, you can make someone bored with your scent so strong.

– Be careful with the image samples from you, your outfit says it all. Do not opt for clothes that show a youthful image, can play you as someone irresponsible or immature. This does not mean you can not wear clothes that are in fashion!

Your dress says everything about you; you must remember that the goal is that your bosses, colleagues and the public that you attend should look neat, confident, friendly, capable and mature. But do not forget you be the first to feel it!

Feel comfortable and beautiful to sweep your work!

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