Dueling trends: black against white

This season it seems that fashion is going to beat everything in mourning. The always perfect combination of black and white is over.

This winter, the perfect pair of colors is white and black, and that allowed creating elegant and discrete that never passed from fashion and looks that drew us any trouble, paddles in duel. Both colors will get converted, separately, the protagonists of the season. Who will win the duel?

It is true that the black feel better to all women regardless of the color of skin that has a and, in addition as you well know, fatter by what we always perfect with garments of this color. Above, the black is a very elegant color that is always in fashion.

black against white

However, a total black look may be too dark and dreary to be related to funerals, and can sometimes even be boring and serious. To fight against these negative connotations it is important that with our attitude we contribute the happiness that is absent to the look.

black against white

White is the color of purity. Typically, white is the color charge of giving light and joy to boring and discreet looks so typical of winter. However, this season the white wants to become not only the protagonist of summer but also the winter fashion. With which may be daring, opt for a total look white with which you will ideal to any company dinner, gala dinner, party or any opening event. However, this is a basic color that we do not recommend women with clear skin tone.

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