Elegant Crop top: Ways to use it to go to work

The crop top is an item banned for informal use or for a party, but the reality is that you can also take smart crop tops to the office. We tell you the best ways to use it to go to work. There are many ways to carry a crop top in a more elegant and sophisticated way. Just follow some small tips and tricks.

elegant crop top

Crop top with high waist trousers

When creating an office look with a crop top you must take into account the length and fabric of the model. Always choose a crop top that is not too short, you can combine it with high waist pants, culotte and wide style. The clothes in sober and smooth colors will always bring elegance to the look.

Look with crop top and black skirt

A very helpful option to go to the office is to use black patches. A black crop top with halter neckline combined with a black skirt (not too short) is an ideal alternative to go to work. Add accessories in color to give a more cheerful look.

crop top and midi skirt

Outfit with crop top and midi skirt

If you want to wear a more sophisticated look to go to the office bet on a sleeveless crop top blouse combined with a lady style midi skirt with striped print (and high waist). Watch the look with high heel sandals and a bowling bag. You can add some great jewelry to provide a more elegant touch. What do you think?

Look with overlay crop top

One of the trends of this season when taking a crop top is to use it overlays that is at the top of another garment. You can use a very short crop top with some elegant print and below wear a T-shirt or blouse in a plain color. This look is quite daring, but overlapping clothing is very fashionable.

Total white look with crop top

Total white looks tend to go to the office. Choose to wear jeans in white with a white denim jacket to match and a crop top with gathers in the same tone. If you want to add some color you can carry a stamped scarf on the jacket or hair.

black crop top

Look elegant with black crop top

With a simple black crop top you can do wonders. We love this look to go to the office; it is also very easy to use. You should only combine black pants and a white male shirt with above black crop top. The result is spectacular and very sophisticated.

Set of skirt and crop top to go to the office

If you want to take a crop top to go to work, we advise you to buy a crop top with a bottom to set, either a skirt or trousers. The two pieces must be made with the same fabric, stamping or color. One option is to wear a white dotted tube skirt with a crop top of matching suspenders. The final look is impeccable and very flattering.

Trend look with crop top and pants

This look is perfect for going to work and for fashion lovers. The key is to bet on original trousers, for example: with side stripes or vivid colors, and put them together with a crop top jersey in a smooth tone. Being a cropped style sweater the length is not so short.

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