Exfoliants for silk skin

One of the fundamental steps to get to have a silky skin is exfoliation. It manages to eliminate the dead cells and impurities and hardness that we can have.

silky skin

The advantages are more. It eliminates the pimples that you might have. And it helps to remove the hairs that were born under the skin, making the hair removal easier. The exfoliating massage favors blood circulation and thus the skin oxygenation. And the leaves ready to receive the subsequent care, such as masks or nutritious moisturizing creams.

In the market you can find a wide range of exfoliating products. Some are specific for the face, body or specific areas such as feet and elbows. But there are also home remedies to get a result as good.

The most popular, of course, is the salt. The best way to use it is mixed with the body wash. It must be applied on the skin moist, but not wet because then dissolved with water. It’s best to get into the shower, get wet and then dry the body not completely with a towel. After you rub the gel with the salt and then you rinse it. You can also do so in the face, mixing the salt with cleansing milk for example.

For tougher areas, it is best to use pumice stone, by rubbing carefully to not get injured. And if you’re lucky enough to be on the beach, try rubbing the legs with fine sand. In addition to soften the skin, the massage helps to drain the cellulite.

If you follow this routine once a week, you will see how quickly your skin gains in smoothness and shine, looking more healthy and elastic.

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