Facial Cleansing: Why is it important to do it regularly?

It is very important for the health of our facial skin, and for this, it is necessary to perform a complete facial cleansing regularly, because although we wash the face several times each day and use cosmetic cleanliness products daily, there are always impurities that clog the pores little by little and end up causing the skin tone of the face loses luminosity. In addition, the skin also loses oxygen and leaves more black spots, among other consequences.

facial cleansing regularly

A complete facial cleansing helps to decongest, balance and oxygenate the skin. It will help decongest because hygiene levels are restored necessary to keep face in ideal conditions. They will help to balance the levels of fat and hydration improving the appearance and health of skin, fighting, therefore, the appearance of brightness, acne, excess sebum, dryness and tightness.

They also help to oxygenate, because doing a facial cleansing periodically, the pore size is reduced and decongest, allowing the skin to breathe again.

Each beauty center does the facial cleansing in a particular way but they all have in common a set of steps, which are as follows: make-up removal from the face and eyes, exfoliation, manual removal – removing impurities and embedded blackheads, and application of balancing tonic and moisturizer.

It is therefore advisable to go regularly to a beauty salon to do a facial cleansing – of skin – well choose to do it as beauty salon or at home with natural products. The frequency with which it is advisable to do so depends on skin type, but in general terms, the ideal is to make a complete skin cleaning in every three months. Above all, it will be necessary to do when black spots are clearly visible on the facial skin.

Still, we cannot stop our daily skin care with the right products, to keep it clean, hydrated and oxygenated at every time.

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