Facial tonic: Benefits and How to use it

In addition to the daily cleaning of the skin with soaps and scrubs, there is a product that is very important to consider for greater care of your complexion: the facial tonic. Surely, many of you know this product, as well as its benefits for the skin, but many others do not know exactly what it is for or what specific function it has.

facial tonic

If you are one of those who feel identified with the latter, do not worry! Next, we offer you all the information you need to consider about the characteristics and properties of the facial tonic. Achieve perfect skin!

What are facial tonics?

It is a solution that is part of the facial cleansing process and is usually used after washing the face and before moisturizing it. It is not a cleanser, its main function is to regulate the PH of the face, and eliminate bacteria and fats that were not removed during face wash.

Think of it this way, the tonic works as a skin soothing, which seeks to return it to its most balanced and pure state, because it was exposed to chemicals, pollutants, scrubs and movements (when washing the face) that hurt it.

Types of facial tonics

There is an interesting variety of tonics that you can apply on the face and several of them at an affordable price. Before buying any brand, it is very important that you check that it is appropriate for your skin type. The categories of facial tonics you can find are:

  • Astringent: Ideal for oily skin, helps close pores.
  • Emollients: Perfect for skins that dry out too much after washing.
  • Stimulants: For rough skin, the softness returns.
  • Soothing: If the skin is very sensitive, it produces a decongestant action.

Benefits of facial tonic

facial tonic benefits

Restores pH and balances the skin

Be clear that facial tonic is a must in your facial and beauty care routine. One of its many benefits is its ability to restore the skin’s pH. And this balances the skin, makes it much more balanced. It can be said that it has the power to normalize the skin. Of course, you should use a facial tonic which suitable for your skin, which meets your needs.

It has firming properties

The facial tonic is key to have a quality skin. Other benefits are its firming properties. By balancing the skin, it also favors its elasticity. It is a preventive product. If you are really worried about this problem, do not hesitate to include this step in your routine. You will notice the difference and your skin will thank you.

Calms skin and brings freshness

If there is something that differentiates the facial tonic from the rest of the products, it is its ability to calm the skin. It is a perfect ally, especially for sensitive skin. And not only calms the skin, it also brings freshness, revitalizes it, makes it look healthy, beautiful, rejuvenated and full of light.

Close the pores

Another of its many benefits is to close the pores. Although for this the application of a specific serum or moisturizer will also be key. But it must also be said that without the tonic this improvement is not possible. It is a team work. The tonic favors the disappearance of open pores, among other things, thanks to its skin cleansing, moisturizing and balancing functions.

It has sensory properties

It is not just water, although it may seem so first. It goes much further. Thanks to its properties and aromas, it benefits not only the skin, but also the senses. It is considered multisensory water, favors the evolution of the senses, and makes them much more receptive.

Promotes blood flow

In the areas where you have applied it increases blood flow. Ideal to enhance the balance effect and the firming effect on the skin. The skin notices and reflects. A good blood supply is vital for a skin in conditions, and the facial tonic favors it.

Deep cleaning

Cleaning is key, but a cleansing gel is not enough, the tonic is essential for deep cleaning. Eliminates all types of impurities and traces of makeup, leaves the skin perfectly clean, ready for the rest of the products to penetrate the skin’s sub-layers properly and effectively. The facial tonic has the ability to prepare the skin and enhance the effect of the rest of the products of your facial routine (i.e. serums and creams).

How to use facial tonic

The application of the tonic is simple but there are several ways to use it:

use of facial tonic

  • One is with a cotton ball embedded in the toning lotion by gentle tapping on the skin or soft circular movements.
  • Another way is to apply it as a “mist” on the face, in this case the tonic has to come in a spray container.
  • You can spread the tonic on the face with your hands by pressing with the palms on the skin, without rubbing, simply by gently supporting them so that the product penetrates.
  • It is more professional to put a small amount in the hands, deposit on the face, lower the head and give touches or pinches with some force, this will activate the blood flow and when we apply the treatment (serum, cream). It will penetrate better.
  • Another trick! Store it in the refrigerator and apply equally with the head down, with touches and pinches. With this we will obtain a beautiful pink and super healthy tone.

False myths of facial tonic

The tonic removes any trace of cleanser and refreshes the skin, while restoring its natural pH. It is necessary to keep the skin hydrated and provides the right dose of antioxidants to protect it. In addition, it plays a double role in facial cleansing, ends with the remains of cleansing milk and provides luminosity, softness, vitality and even hydration.

Ideally, apply it directly to the skin and, contrary to what is believed, it is not necessary to remove the excess with a tissue, because a well formulated tonic brings many benefits. This is just one of the false myths that circulate about it.

Better with alcohol because it has an astringent effect. Experts recommend non-alcoholic tonics for most skin types. Although alcohol tonics have a cooling effect, these can alter the skin’s natural lipids. Then, the skin may produce an excess of grease in an attempt to replace those that have been removed.

Also, the alcohol can intensify the dryness of the dry skin. Only in oily and combination skin can a tonic with alcohol help to eliminate excess sebum.

It is no longer an essential step during cleaning. The current cleansing cosmetics have advanced so much that there are already very complete formulas, such as micellar waters, cleansing foams or cleansing oils, which make the skin need nothing more to be clean and balanced. True! Seen this way, the tonic would go from being essential to optional.

However, cleaning, no matter how delicate, it is always a stress on the skin, so adding a tonic to your routine is like telling your skin that it’s ok. I’ve treated him badly, but now I’m giving him a reward in the form of a soothing tonic, moisturizing, revitalizing.

It is easy to prepare at home. Just type in google: homemade facial tonics; so that you get a thousand and one proposals. What if egg white, honey and lemon juice, what if cucumber and carrot juice, fresh mint and lemon … Horror!

These types of preparations have not passed any sanitary control, dermatological or ophthalmological test, and these are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, however natural these are. Cosmetic houses invest a lot of money in research and perform a multitude of tests in the laboratory and human skin before venturing to launch a cosmetic to the market. Bet on trusted brands.

It can be replaced by rose water. Rose wate is relaxing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, regenerating, moisturizing, brings luminosity … but in no case replaces the tonic.

Why? It’s very nice but contributes very little to the health of acneic skin prone to dryness or sensitivity. That is why there is a specific tonic for each type of skin. For example, tonics that contain lotus flower extract, moringa and jasmine extract are good for oily skin; and for dry or sensitive skin, other active ingredients such as honey, sweet almonds, lavender or aloe vera.

The spray format is perfect. The latest generation tonics contain moisturizers that are necessary to keep the skin hydrated, but in a dry environment like the inside of an airplane, any spray or mist format when depositing its microdroplets in the skin attracts water from the skin leaving it dehydrated.

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